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Lower abdo and pelvic pain for months. Pls help

First it started as a lower abdominal pain bellow belly, in august i think. Later I had two times unprotected sex in 27 September and 6 october. I had pain a little before those sex relations. Later it went down where is pelvic i guess, 4 cm below belly. Its constant, sometimes worse sometimes boring. Burning, dull pain. Went to gyno on ultrasound, said it's ok. Saw my vagina and told mild infection. Asked if i treat it, i said no. She gave me vaginal capsules but i don't have money to bye them so i must wait. I'm afraid i catched std. Can't go for more checkups don't have money. I'm scared i have big infe tion and that I'll die. Pls calm me
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I think you need to get yourself some health care. Have you tried going to Planned Parenthood? They don't just deal with contraception, you could get a pelvic exam there.
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