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No discharge after cryotherapy

In January 05, my doctor performed cryotherapy on 75% of my cervix.  I did not have an abnormal pap,only he thought my discharge was excessive.  I explained that I didn't have a problem with that, but he said it made it hard for him to see my cervix.  So without much information I allowed him to perform the procedure.  A few months ago I noticed that there was very little to no discharge on my tissue when I wiped after using the bathroom.  This was very disturbing to me.  I'm not used to the idea of having no mucusy discharge at all. So I went to a new gyno who prescribed me the nuva ring, which should increase discharge so I can feel like myself again.  However, it has been a week and I have seen no change.  Can anybody tell me what I can expect from this.
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I know nothing about the NuvaRing but I did have Chryo years ago. I had a clear discharge for about a week which I was told to expect and then it went away. I seem to recall feeling a bit dryer than normal but I never had a problem with excessive discharge. You seem to have been very used to it and now it is completely gone. Hopefully the NuvaRing will work to restoring you to a normal feeling again. But I have to say, and maybe I am wrong, but that sounds like a pretty odd reason to have Cyro. I had it due to Precancerous Cells found after a Pap. And it was a MISERABLE procedure to go through. I just have a hard time grasping WHY your doctor would encourage such a thing simply because he was having a difficult time viewing your cervix which he only has to do what? Once or twice a year?? I mean come on, you weren't complaining. You had NO problem with having a heavy discharge and he didn't say it was dangerous to your health, just an inconvenience for HIM?? It doesn't make sense. I am REALLY glad you have moved on to a different Doc because the other one sounds like a real WackJob! Just my opinion. And I am sorry you had to and still are going through the pain and side affects of such a miserable procedure, which I may add, Doc's totally don't tell you how miserable it can be!
I do feel for you and hope that everything returns to normal very soon!
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Thanks for responding to my message about my cryotherapy.  Most of the people I've talked to since about the doctors reasoning for performing a cryo responded the same as you. I regret it to no end and wish I had known better.  But now I'm trying to move forth if that is possible.  You mention that you had cryo a number of years ago, do you have any mucous discharge now, and also have you had any children since you had the cryo, if so did having child(ren) increase discharge for you?
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My abnormal pap was done at my 6 weeks checkup after having my fourth child. I was pregnant again with my fifth in less than a year and yeah my discharge was normal. I do want to warn you though that Chryo can cause scar tissue on the cervix which can prevent you from dialating properly during Labor. So if and when you do concieve, make sure the Ob is aware that you had chryo so that you can avoid a troublesome L&D. I was literally in labor with my fifth for a week with only 1 cm dialation. Once a skilled Doc entered teh picture and asked me if I had had a cervical procedure, he was able to cut away the scar tissue that was holding my cervix closed and I went from 1 cm. to 10cm within 30 minutes. Pushed once or twice and VOILA, he was here! So make sure that you tell EVERYONE involved in your L&D, especially if it is becoming long.
Even now I still have "dryer" days, but I think most women do. Depends on where we are in our cycle. All in all, I am basically as normal as the next I suppose. Talk to your new doctor and ask for suggestions on how to handle the excessive dryness. There must be something he can do to get you back on track.
Sorry to be so longwinded. Chryo was just a very traumatic experience for me and I feel such compassion for anyone that has gone through it, ESPECIALLY unnecessarily, which I do believe is the case for you. That still has me totally appalled.
Let me know if you have any other questions I my be able to answer.
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Just curious... I recently found out I have HPV, the doctor told me that i should come in to do a cryo... My appointment is in 2 weeks,... with this procedure... will HPV go away for good? I havent been sexually active over a year now. So I am trying to take care of myself because I dont want to go thru this again. Can you tell me what can I expect from doing this procedure?


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Well, I just got my cryo done on 6/27/07 and am STILL in recovery. Honestly, the "recovery" is way worse than the procedure itself. They tell you to expect "slight cramping" during the cryo although for me, I wouldn't exactly call it "slight." Not to scare you, but what happened with me was as follows: He put the probe in there, and sprayed the liquid nitrogen on my cervix for 3 consecutive minutes. The first minute, I did not feel a single thing. Then as the second minute came up, I felt a cramp come on. Pretty much exactly the kind of cramp you feel during a period. However, this cramp lasted the remainder of the 3 minutes and then some. He told me to take deep breaths so I wouldn't pass out, so I did and that definitely helped. If you concentrate on breathing, it also takes your mind off of the pain too. So do that! Anyways, after the 1st round of liquid nitrogen, he told me he had to let it thaw for 5 minutes and that he'd be back in for one more 3-minute treatment. The whole 5 minutes, I still had the cramp. It wasn't like the typical PMS cramp that lasts 20 seconds though. It felt exactly LIKE one, but it didn't go away. And the whole 5 minutes I was alone in the room, I was curled up in the fetal position as it was the only comfortable position I could find. Finally by the time he came back in, the cramp had lessened a bit. So I could stand another round. The second round was not as bad as the first, but the cramp got worse during the 3 minutes. Again, deep breaths. Afterward, I had to lay there for 15 minutes because I was told that some people pass out in that period of time after the procedure. So I had to stay for a mini-observation. By the end of 15 minutes, my cramp let up and was pretty much gone. So that was it. I was pretty detailed in my description so I hope it helps.  Again though, to me, the discharge is worse than the procedure in my opinion. I mean, with me... I had "severe dyplasia" and my discharge is heavier than an "average" period day. It is also brown and quite smelly. I thought it was infected but after 2 doctor's opinions, I guess it is just the smell from the dead cells being sloughed off. But it has been 10 days. No swimming. No sex. No tampons. And having to take it SUPER easy. Apparently I overexerted myself on July 4th and all I did was just WALK AROUND a lot and be "on-the-go" all day. It sucks.I really hope your cryo goes well though. I promise, it is of course unpleasant, but it is totally manageable. I also didn't take any medicine before going in which probably didn't help. Take some Ibuprofen before you go. That'll help a lot I bet. You'll be just fine. :) And I hope your dysplasia is less severe and your recovery doesn't suck as much as mine does. I think I just hate it more because I am used to tampons and thongs. And for the past 10 days, I have been living in granny panties and super-long maxi pads. Yuck. Good luck though!!
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i git the cryotherapy done about three months ago and after four weeks the cramping and all that should have gone away,well i still have been spotting and having gosh awful abdomen pain and it still is painful to have sex with my husband.how do i know if the cryo worked or if i still have signs of cancer or if this is just normal and taking longer then usual?????anyone have any answers?please!
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