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Not sure whats going on

Let me start at the beginning. A few years ago, I contracted chlmydia from someone I supposedly could trust. Im not sure how long I had it, maybe a few months, before I was treated. For the next few months, I was completely fine.

However, at the start of the new year, I began to have many strange and frightening problems. Sex became extremely painful, this started about a year and a half ago. At the time, I was monogamous with one person, whom I had unprotected sex with after he was tested. I began to get really sick, I had extreme abdominal pain, like a soreness on my uterus and it was so bad I couldnt even wear underwear. I went to the gyno, and they diagnosed me with PID, and treated with me with doxycycline for two weeks. My symptoms appeared to go in remission. Fast forward several months later, and I began to get the familiar feeling of abdominal pain, but it was slightly different, and more around my bladder. After going to many doctors and getting many treatments, I was diagnosed with a small kidney stone and some sort of intestinal disorder, and a severe allergy to latex. At this point, I had broken up with the guy I had been with. For several months after that, I was still experiencing pain during masturbation and sex, but I was beginning to get used to it and it seemed to subside slightly. I used only condoms during this time.

Stupidly, I got back with the guy I had been monogamous with. We had protected sex for some time, but the condoms were causing me difficulties in getting wet, and causing more pain again. So, we had unprotected sex as I am on the pill. About three weeks later, what I have called yeast infections began to start. I experienced itchiness, whitish discharge, and pain during sex that was unbearable again. Monistat didnt work at first. Worried I had another STD, I went to the doc to get tested. EVERYTHING came back clean. I took some more monistat, and eventually it cleared up. Two months later, I got another raging yeast infection. Monistat, one days and three days would not work. I went to the doc again and they gave me some sort of cream to insert vaginally for seven days, which cleared it up again. I broke up with the guy I had been with again. About two months after that, I got ANOTHER yeast infection. Now, this one refuses to go away and its been about three months. I have been abstinent for about five months. I have tried everything, monistat, other cream, antibiotics, diflucan, and probiotics including femdophilus.  Ive been to the doc and theyve checked me for STDs again, everything came back fine. They treated me for yeast, then I contracted BV.

I could tell it was because there was a very strong fishy odor and redness around the labia. The yeast symptoms just returned again about a month ago. This past week i have been very worried as another symptom has started, a soreness in my lymph nodes near my genitals. It is a lower soreness than others I experienced before, it is no doubt it is the lymph nodes. The itching is getting worse, and also has spread to my buttocks. It does not seem like I have sores in my vagina, but peeing is painful again, there is a weird metallic kind of smell, not fishy. I am wondering if there is anyway I might have Herpes, and having outbreaks, but not experiencing the sores? Or maybe I have the sores and I just cant quite identify them since it has been a while since I saw my vagina healthy. or maybe I just have a seriously bad yeast infection I cant get rid of. I havent even tried masturbating because its just too painful now. I just think its weird this all started a few weeks after the unprotected sex. I currently do not trust the dude, as I found out he lied about having unprotected sex earlier that year with someone else, and had not been tested recently. I am so anxious, and thinking about how stupid I was. I plan to go back to the doc tomorrow, but idk. I should talk to my gyno, but they were just as clueless and led me down the wrong diagnosis last year. I am so annoyed and irritated by this, I would appreciate any help if anyone else has ever experienced things similar to this.
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also, the past few days I have gotten these weird, raised red bumps that are like pimples near my buttcrack, and one on my buttcheek. I am hoping these are just due to taking too many baths recently, but I am unsure considering my other symptoms
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I would give all this information to your doctor so that they know exactly what you've been experiencing. Print out the whole thing you've written here and give it to them. To me, it just sounds like you are very prone to severe yeast infections. A doctor will know a lot better than I do though, so make sure you give them this and ask/answer any other questions you/they might have.
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