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Pregnancy after Endometrial Ablation

I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if there is any new research on pregnancy after having endometrial ablation?  I had this operation about 6 years ago and 2 years later I experienced light periods, spotting really, and I became pregnant.  I did not follow through on the pregnancy and had a DNC just before the cut off period.  I had visited many specialists and contacted a doctor doing research in Nova Scotia.  The pregnancy was fine, baby was fine and healthy but the risk was high, the only reason I went through with the DNC and as I already have 3 children.  I was 28 at the time of the operation, 30 when I got pregnant and I am now 36 and wanting to start a family with my new husband.  I would like to know if after this operation the ovaries still produce eggs or do you go into early menopose?  I have been experiencing symptoms of either a period that was suppose to be i.e. breast sensitivity and sometimes fatique.  How do you tell if you are pregnant when you don't get a period?  Is it possible? Could this just be a pyschological and physical connection? (i.e. me wanting to have a baby so my body is reacting)?  Any info would be appreciative.
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When you have an endometrial ablation, you are counseled as to the risk of carrying a pregnancy.  The risk is not only to a baby, but a grave risk of death or serious illness to the woman.  

You will need to consult with a high risk perinatologist or other specialist prior to even thnking about pregnancy, to see if you are willing to take this risk.

You should have been told never, ever to attempt a pregnancy after an endometrial ablation, and in fact to use adequate birth control afterwards.
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here is a link that you could read.. if you scroll all the way down to the bottom it says that it is likely that you can become pregnant..if there is any endometrium (sp?) left.. hope it helps you..
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Hi, I to had an ablation 2 years ago for heavy bleeding. I continued to have periods, ofcourse they are not as heavy but I never went a month without one. My husband and I are considering tubal revearsal and are concerned about the dangers and risk of the ablation. Is there any test that can be done to see if there is any endometrium available? Did you get pregnant. Is there anyone out there that has experienced this and carried to term? Are there test or ultrasounds that I can take to tell me exactly what my levels are etc.
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My e-mail address is ***@****, I wasn't sure if you would need it to respond to my last post.

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I had an endometrial ablation in 05, I don't have an bleeding, I was on depo before the ablation and I don't want to become pregnant. I have 2 children already. If I want to have a child with my new husband it will be through a surrogate mother.

I don't want to bleed to death or have a still born child. I have never miscarried in my whole life and I don't want the experience. I would rather pay someone who has a stable womb and make sure that we get a male child the first time around.

Having a child with major/minor medical problems costs more 360 degrees around
than what some people would call renting a womb. From the posts here by the women that get pregnant after ablations it sounds like months of fear and frustration.
Not an enjoyable event where you wait patiently for the new child. I don't think I could handle that paranoia. I wouldn't want that kind of pain, nothing is worth that.

If you can't afford a surrogate then can you afford to have another child? Put said child through College? I wouldn't bring a child into this world on purpose if i didn't
have the money in general.

I understand the pressure of having a new man want a child, but there are options. Like everyone else who has, had an ablation we all made the choice and accepted that choice. If you didn't have the ablation would you of ever met the man in your life?
Probably not, I know I would of been in bed bleeding like a stuck pig in major pain.

I do not regret my ablation no matter how much stress is put on me to give someone a child, I did that once and being with me it is known that I am not willing to do this
again naturally, science is a wonderful thing.

I also don't want to ruin my body, I was young enough when I had my children that I
can easily wear a bikini, my breasts were reconstructed, I am not a baby machine.
I don't want a c-section, no way!

I am hoping to god that I am sterile, that since I do not have a period though my uterus is the normal size, yes I have some endometrium left that I will not ever have a period again and the 0.5 to 0.68 % is a low enough number to never experience the shock of being pregnant.

How would you even know, according to my research I am very low risk for a surprise pregnancy and my feelings are quite raw but mind you, it feels good to take the kid gloves off and not ***** foot around the topic.

What I want to know, is how many of you who had the ablation under 30, no periods, drug treatment with depo have even had a pregnancy scare, I don't feel the need to worry about pregnancy happening, I don't think I should it has been 2.5 years and I have don't spot the only thing I get is a little pre-period discharge that is it. No blood, nothing. Should I worry or can I keep to my original plan of never getting pregnant again.
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HI Christy, I saw your post and am very interested as to whether you got any answers to your questions or if you even went on to have the tubal reversal and whether you concieved and had a baby sucessfully..I am in a very (almost identical) position as you were back then and wondered if you could let me know what happened next..x
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Hi. I am norwegian, I had an ablation done last spring, I was not informed that I couldn't/shouldn't get pregnant again. I have normal bleadings so I want to get an ultrasound to find out if the lining has grown back. (I've read that this is normal) I would love to carry a baby again (Have 2 boys 13 and 9 yrs, and 2 girls 3 and 4 yrs.) Can anyone tell me if they got pregnant after ablation and the outcome? Kind Regards Ophelia
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The problem isn't necessarily whether your lining has grown back.  If you are having regular periods then in all likelihood it has at least partially.  The problem is are there any patches where it has not, and if there is, how big are they.  If you become pregnant for the pregnancy to progress the embryo must implant in lining.  So, if you are fortunate enough for the embryo to find the lining that you do have, then the pregnancy should progress.  The problem lies when the placenta begins to grow, it will most likely run into areas that are patchy and the lining is very thin or even non-existent.  In those places the placenta will grow into your uterus, instead of into the lining, if this happens you are at a very high risk of a serious bleed during the progression of the pregnancy.  Any trauma that causes the placenta to tear away from your uterus is going to cause major bleeding, and if you make it to delivery then the placenta will be attached in the places where the lining does not exist.  In a normal pregnancy the uterus shrinks after the baby is born, causing the lining to shed the placenta and the blood vessels to shrink.  If the placenta has grown into the uterus, then the uterus will not be able to shed the placenta and bleeding will continue until the doctors are able to get the placenta off.  If they cannot they will have to do an emergency hysterectomy.  Hysterectomy after giving birth is very dangerous due to the large amount of blood that the body has directed to the uterus during gestation.  
I would find a specialist and discuss this with him/her before getting pregnant.  I think doctors should do ablations sparingly on women of child bearing years, most women consider more children before they enter menopause, some have them some do not, but OB/GYNS have been delivering babies long enough to know this to be true.  Ablation is a great tool, but there are other options for heavy bleeding, the option chosen doesn't always have to be permanent.  They should present it with sterilization only, then many women would probably think twice about it.
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Hi Christy,
I am also very interested in your out come, I had a tubal ligation done and D&C hysteroscopy endometrial ablation. I am remarried now and we would like to have a child. Where you able to conceive and have a child?
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Hello, I had an EA in 2009, after having my tubes tied in 2008. I am divorced now and with my new man would love to have another baby. I never thought this was possible after having both procedures done but I have been looking into different procedures that can be done. I was told today that if you have had an EA that a tubal reversal is not an option but IVF is def an option. Though it can get rather expensive. I am curious to see if anyone else has had this done and became pregnant.. Hope this helps a little.
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