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Question about my medical report

This is a very long story but short version is... something happened to me one night that caused severe bruising and vaginal lacerations.  I have no memory of what happened at all.  Could you please help clarify what these medical records say?

"Severe external bruising is noted in her right labia majora and very small vaginal lacerations are noted at the introitus."  "lacerations repaired with simple interrupted sutures total length being roughly 3 1/2 centimeters".

Apparently one laceration had severed an artery which left me bleeding severely and I almost died!  Please help me understand what all of this means.  From the report above, what would have caused this?  I was at my home with my fiancee, one of his friends and his friend's girlfriend. He claims he doesn't know/remember and  no one else from that night is talking.  All I know is that I woke up in the bathtub nude and bleeding.
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Sorry to here that I wish I can help you.  You sound like you were starting to hemroige(can't spell the word)
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Did you have your doctor give you these results? What did they say? Please dont think I am be insensitive, but it sounds like you were raped. I think I would have questioned your boyfriend some more than what you did. I hope everything is well with you. Best of luck!
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Yeah.....I agree with torque. It doesn't sound very good. Like maybe someone slipped something in your drink and did whatever they did to you. How much do you trust the people you were with that night? If you were home when it happened and they were the last people you remember seeing then I think I would get to the bottom of what happened. Ask the doctors who examined you and demand some answers. Sorry that this happened to you. Best of luck.
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The medical record as stated by you does not say anything about arterial laceration. It only describes what could or could not be forced vaginal entry.Did they do a rape kit with vaginal swabbing for dna? or possibly some object was used instead....not sure.What did the dr say?
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I hope you understand that I am not trying to be mean or trying to tell you what to do.  
Was there drinking involved that night?  Are you still with your finacee, or have you checked into the fact that it could've been the other guy?  Rape is rape, if your finacee did indeed do this to you, you need to get out!  Any man that would cause that much damage to a female isn't a good guy and you need to get out.  Did the doc do any testing for sperm.  You didn't concent to sex, and therefore no matter who did this to you, it is considered rape.  I don't know the whole story, just what you wrote, and the way I read it is you didn't concent to it, and remember nothing.  Sometimes our minds block out trama that was done to us.  I think that you need to go talk to someone regarding this, and then get out of that house and never go back.  I am truly sorry that this happened to you, no female or male to that matter diserve to be put through this.  Take care.
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Oh my god.  I was half a sleep when I read your post and Im reading it again it does sound like you been  Raped...... Are you ok? Please go to the police tell them everything you know of. Report who you were with.  Get some help now before this happens again...
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