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Smell/Odor I'm my private area

Hi,I'm 15 and I've noticed for the past weeks that I've had some sort of smell in/on my vagina. Most times it smells completely normal and even good, but some days it smells almost like sausage. I don't have any symptoms of infection, everything is completely normal, discharged hasn't changed since I've gotten it for my first time,it's normal by any definition. I've noticed that I often almost every day wear these small and thin 'pads' that people use for discharge. Idk if that's good or if I should stop. I just need help with the odor problem.
(It also sometimes faintly smells like pee,but only rarely and seeing as I had 3 UTI's last winter I think that's just my Urinary tract that still leaks a bit,idk)
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It's probably just skin bacteria. There are sweat glands at the inside top of your legs that will pass smells straight through from food you eat, especially onions or fish. Or it could be from the skin outside your vagina. If you change your minipad every time you go to the loo, you won't get any bacterial buildup from wearing a pad. If you are concerned that the smell is from the inside of your vagina, you can take a Q-tip and insert it past the vaginal lips, and check the smell.
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