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This is the worst

I thought I was going insane. The first time I felt the vibrations near my vagina I was sure I had my cell phone in my pocket. What else could it have been right? It’s been a week now and the vibrating vagina has nothing to do with a cell. I keep checking my pocket and it’s just me!!!!!  This is absolutely the worst. I’m glad I’m not alone since the girls at my work keep asking if I left a vibrator up there. I’m 48 and still have my period. I keep seeing that a lot of women are relating the feeling to a stupid cell phone buzzing which is exactly what if feels like. Almost like I left my cell inside and forgot to turn off the ringer. Help!!!
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Did you see a doctor? Is this normal for middle aged women? This is so interesting because I have never heard of this before. So i did some quick research and its a vaginal muscle spasm. you can have botox to paralyze a specific muscle in your vagina. it isnt anything serious, but you should stil see your doctor at least for consult on the botox idea.  please watch the video i just watched.   https://www.thedoctorstv.com/videos/a-vibrating-vagina
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Thanks.  I did see the info about the Botox.  It’s just a strange sensation. It’s definetly not a good one. Hahaha. Thank you
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