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Urgent help! (period) Is this serious!?

Ok so I was wondering about tampons? I've only ever used pads which are very large because I have a really large flow and I'm talking large! It's like Niagra falls every time I stand up. My period only ever lasts about 3 days which is good because it started at the start of the weekend but I have school tomorrow and I'll still be on it. Are there any methods that'll help it go faster?
Also I think because I loose so much blood during my period I start to smell in class (I'm 15) but I don't know what to do. I completely spray myself with body spray and perfume from top to bottom but I don't think it helps because of the amount of blood that becomes very overpowering. Is there anyway to stop it smelling? Any sprays you could recommend I use?
I don't really have a good relationship with my mum so I can't ask her about anything to do with it and my sister is younger than me. My friends also find this type of talking awkward and we avoid it so I don't have many people to ask.
Also during my period I get a lot intense pain. i'm really concerned about this. I heard you got some but I didn't think it was this bad! Sometimes I get really bad headaches and when I went on holiday a few months back and had my period over there (hot country) I nearly ended up passing out! It was awful! Other times I'll get such intense stomach pains it hurts to even sit still. I start sweating really bad and it feels like someone's ripping my stomach open and stabbing me with a knife inside. Also sometimes when I walk I'll get a shock of pain like a electric shock through my vagina, top of my legs and waste. What's happening is this normal? I'm really concerned it might be something really serious. I tried taking pain killers and they blotted out most of the pain so it was bearable and even fine when I had quite a few (didn't overdoes) but my mum found the empty packet in my bag and asked me about it I said my stomach really hurt and I'd only had one.
I hope it doesn't happen again because I've had very little pain this time round and haven't needed them but I don't think we have anymore at home. What should I do? I'd really need them as a precaution if I started to feel the pain again! Otherwise I think I'd probably end up passing out from the pain if it gets intense again.
Also pads are a nightmare to keep changing and don't help much, if at all with my heavy flow and I've seen tampons my mum uses before (she left one lying around once) but it was huge, like the size of 3 of my fingers put together. I don't think I'd be able to fit that in!? And I've never worn a tampon or tried to put one in before I'm really scared but I've heard they're a lot better? What size should a 15 year old be using and what type? How would I even go about putting it in? And what happens if I can't take it out!? :( I really wish I had someone I could talk to about this. I've heard that sex helps but there's no way I'm attempting that and I wouldn't even know where to put the tampon!? :'( Help! I'm really scared and stressed I don't know what to do and it's really frighting, if anyone could help with anything I'd be so grateful!
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Hi there and welcome to the forum.  I'm sorry, first of all, that you have some difficulties with your mom.  I do so wish you could talk to her.  Maybe conversations like this would help you feel closer to her?  But if that isn't possible, then are there any other females you could talk to?  Grandmother, older sibling, cousin, aunt, female health teacher, a good friend's mom???  I just think you could use some support from someone around you and someone to just have a conversation with.

Do you see a doctor at all?  You could also bring these things up wtih your doctor.  Would your mom understand if you wanted an exam?  Perhaps she could set that up for you.

Periods can be pretty uncomfortable.  They can be different each month as well.  Cramping and some odd pains aren't unusual.  Heavy flow also isn't unusual.  I began using tampons as a teenager and have ever since.  The issue of odor that you describe is not one I've experienced.  It's a matter of changing the tampon or pad frequently.  As a tampon holds things 'in' perhaps you would get less odor. They also make tampons with fragrance.  It may be time to try one of these products.  

Sex doesn't help with periods or any of these things.  Not sure who told you that but it is bad information.  

I do wish you luck dear.  
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I would say bite the bullet and talk to your mom and tell her t he problems you've been having...I had the same issues as you and it turned out to be fibroids which is like blood clots clumped together I had mine surgically removed, but I do believe now they have procedures that are less evasive... also with the heavy blood flow you may need to take iron pills as it may be causing enemia (low blood levels) which is why you may be feeling faint...I can only tell you what I've been through, but a doctor can diagnose you.  
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The fibroids caused the severe pain as you mentioned it was the pain was just like you described that gut wrenching pain which is unlike normal cramps with the removal of the fibroids. I have no painful cramping throughout my cycle
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