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Vaginal itching

Hey guys,im having a severe ithchiness on my vangina surface since a month ago,I dont know what to do,it hurts me so much and havent sleep peacefully for days.I tried using dandruff shampoo(usually dandruff hair itches) and applied some sort of cream,i feel like it doesnt help.Oh god,im typing this with the itchiness down there.I even trimmed my pubic hair thinking maybe it itches because i havent trim for so long.Is there something i can do to stop the itchiness at least for temporarily.Someone please help me.PLEASEEEE !!!!!
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Hi, have you had any answers or help from a doc? I have itching down there since an assult last year and no doc can help. The only thing they found is high risk hpv so I swear it must be hpv related although no doc can help it’s driving me crazy :/:(
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