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What is it?

Before you say its HPV, I am very sure it isn't I did the vinegar test and I haven't had sex in over 6 months. And it doesn't look like the pictures. Lately my anus area has been itching, and I was scratching furiously because that's happened before (when stubble grows back it tends to itch) I wear thongs very often and tight, high waisted jeans shorts for whole days and recently for two road trips. Also, I've done dumb things like exercise in a thong or wear it for longer than a day. And its very hot and sweaty, especially in the humidity and its July. I was little constipated and I was wiping I notice a little blood (that's happened before too, sometimes my anus tears) For the first, time I actually looked down there and I noticed dark lumps around the anus. Not near the anus really, only a little in the areas where hair particularly grows. There's none in my vagina area. And its been like this for half a week and it hasn't spread. Now that I've been aware, I've been using rectal wipes and keeping it dry with cornstarch. Also, I'm wearing panties and loosed clothing until further healing. Has anybody experienced this before? I've squeezed and messed with the lumps and no puss comes it just feels irritating and annoying. It honestly doesn't itch, and I now know not to scratch it. They're just unsightly. What is it? How do I get rid of them? and how long? I'm hoping by a week it will go away with the new care products I've gotten.
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It sounds like you have hemorrhoids possibly from constipation and/or wearing tight clothes. They can itch and be really uncomfortable they should go away on their own you can use wipes that relieve that area. It also could be something else though but it sounds like them I has them after giving birth to my daughter and they went away in like a week or two. To make sure this is what you have and not something else, I would see a doctor if you haven't already.
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Yup! The hemorrhoid wipes and the cornstarch did the trick. After one day, the swelling and irritation went down immensely. At this rate, it should be completely gone in a few days.
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Glad ur feeling better and I could help you
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They've become less swollen and doesn't look bad. But it seem like they just flattened. How long until they are gone for good?
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Also pieces of it if falling off and I just pull it off. It just seems like skin, it didn't really hurt
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