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White discharge coming from old nipple piercings

Hi, when I got my nipple piercings done I was around 16 years old (very young and reckless I know) and I am now 17 1/2 And recently I’ve barely started to have white thick dried lotion type of discharge feel coming out of the old nipple piercings and a friend of mine was having the same problem, but yesterday I was squeezing my nipples and saw that there was really light yellowish discharge coming from the actual nipples themselves along with clear liquid, is this normal? Why out of all of this time is this happening now? I’m afraid to tell my family. Are there any remedies to help this go away?
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Hi!  So, I had this in my 20's.  I wasn't pregnant.  Your first thing to do, IF you are sexually active having intercourse, is to take a quick pregnancy test.  If you aren't having intercourse or take a test and it is negative, then it's on to further investigation.  For me, I had a hormone imbalance and thyroid issue.  This a common cause.  Hyperprolactemia is the technical name for it.  They did give me an MRI to rule out a common, harmless benign tumor of the pituitary gland that also is a cause of nipple discharge.  I'm assuming this is the nipple like lactation and not the piercing?  I think they would rule out infection also.  Does the discharge have an odor, do you have pain or is it hot to the touch?  Those are infection signs.  But otherwise, you may have the hormone issue I did (I had too much natural estrogen protection).  It's a pretty common problem, usually not serious but something you want to talk to your doctor about.  Your mom won't be mad I wouldn't think.  Does she know about your piercings?  
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