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Who's had laser hair removal?!

Okay, this is really embarassing. I'm starting my first session of laser hair removal this weekend. I've never had it done, but as I'm very hairy, it's about time!!! ha ha! Has anyone had it before? And is it really effective? I have dark hair, so suppsedly I'm like the best candidate. The techs have been very adament about saying that they're not allowed to call it permanent, but they say that they're confident I'll love the results. All I really care about are the dark, nasty man hairs. I could care less about peach fuzz, so I feel good about it. Has anyone had this done? I'm afraid it's gonna hurt but I'm also very excited! hahaha!
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Yes I've had laser hair removal and I'm very happy with the results. I have dark hair too. I've had my whole face, both arm and underarm done. I will be going to my 8th session in Mid May. I saw results immediately. especially my underarm, 90% of the hair was gone just after 2 sessions. And after the 5th session I don't have any hair under my arm. With my face and arms its taking a little longer because the hair is finer on the face and arm than it is on the underarm. Still just after 7 sessions 90% of the hair on my face and arm are gone. I'm hoping all I need is 2 more sessions. MAKE SURE THE LAZER THEY ARE USING ON YOU IS LIGHT SHEER. That is the best lazer. You can use a Topical Anesthetic called EMLA. But ask your doctor first before you use it. My lazer technician recommended it and I asked my doctor and he said it fine. So make sure you ask your doctor. I paid $45 for the cream but I live in Canada.
Good Luck and keep me informed.
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How long does it last if it's not permanent?  And how much would it cost to do something like your leg?  I've been wanting to do this for a while, but never got up enough courage to go in and just do it.
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My mom had some lazering done.. they put this stuff on you and stains your skin for a little bit, and then they lazor the area, and you can't wear cosmetics for a day or two.
Mom said it took a while for the process to be completed. She'd go in every month, then it turned to every other month, now she just goes in for touch ups every now and then.
It's not going to feel pretty, but it shouldnt hurt either... It's like with waxing, the first few times sting real bad, then you kind of get used to it.
It's SO worth it though... Enjoy the non fuzzies afterwards. :-)
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Thanks ladies! As far as cost goes, I think it depends on where you go, and it definitely depends on what you get done...the place I'm going to has pretty good prices. Example: If you want your whole legs including feet, it's like $275 a session. If you want just your lower legs, it's $159 a session. Or you can buy a package deal and save money that way. It seems expensive, but if you add up the prices of shave cream and razors, it's well worth it, I think. And technically, I think it IS permanent. Once they kill a hair folicle, it's gone...BUT, that doesn't mean that the one next to it won't grow back. You know what I mean? Plus, sometimes hormone changes can cause it to grow back as well. But that's why they do it in sessions, so that each session you get a different group of hair growth. So, techicnally, I think it's permanent enough! Aye! Two more days! *bites nails*
Thanks again!
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