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Wieght gain from cyst . Will the weight drop when this cyst goes away?

After this cyst on my ovaries goes away , will I drop the pounds that came on bcz of this cyst.?
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Are you experiencing chronic cysts or have you just had the one?  It is pretty normal for you to lose the weight after the cyst is removed.  
I was seen at the emergency and I was told , I have the pain that I’m having is bcz of the  cyst . I have an appt on March the 14th with my Obgym. Just worried bcz last month I got my period 8 days late . This month I got it 10 days early , and it’s the 10th day now and still bleeding . With a lot of bloating and weight gain and side pain .
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Hm, this is interesting.  Most women get cysts from time to time, simple cysts, and weight gain is not something I hear of them experiencing.  I had a cyst myself.  Polycystic Ovaries do often have a symptom of the disorder to be weight gain among other things and irregular period as well.  

I think you are speaking of hormonal weight gain and bloating?  Most simple cysts pass on their own. They are like a really bad period with cramps and heavier bleeding.  They can definitely be painful and you may experience irregular bleeding.  And leading up to the cyst passing, you can have more cramping than usual during your cycle.  

Do you see a regular gynecologist?  This would be who I visit next.  Emergency is good but they only treat acute situations.  A regular doctor can give you more information on this cyst and what to expect.  If you don't have a regular gynecologist, visit your gp at the least or find a good clinic (in the US, you can go to planned parenthood as a good resource for women without a regular doctor).  

Once my cyst passed, I went back to normal routine periods. So, give us more info on the cyst.  Did they see it on ultrasound or are they guessing what it is based on symptoms?  
Thank you for this info @specialmom
They did a cat scan and said it’s a cyst . I should make an appt with my Obgym . I did , but it’s on the 14th of March.
perfect.  I'm guessing all that you are experiencing is because of this cyst and yes, once it is gone, it will go back to normal. Did they say if it was a simple cyst or a complex cyst?  (difference is that a simple cysts is just fluid filled and a complex cyst has fluid and solids, simple cysts are more common and ARE common).  You've been bleeding for 10 days though and that is outside of normal.  Give your gyn a call and tell them this, they may want to move your appointment up to sooner if they can.  (and I'm sure you'd like to go in sooner).  Let us know how it goes!  good luck
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Thank all  for all the info. I went to my Obgym and did a ultra sound .
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