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Yeast infection or not?

So for on and off for quite a few months my vagina will get swollen and itch/burn and smell bad. It's not fishy but just bad smelling. I have really thick white discharge sometimes and sometimes there's practically nothing. Also for the first time I had a little bit of spotting which is new.  Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it just sort of goes away and I'm fine but usually starts up again after my period or after having sex multiple times. I started looking into it and thought I was just having re occurring UTI's and started taking cranberry pills and drinking lots of water. I don't have insurance and can't afford to go to the doctor but most signs are pointing to a yeast infection so I bought Monistat. A lot of online forums say if you wrongfully take it, it can hurt really bad so I'm not sure if I should use it or not. Going to the doctor really is out of the question. Can anyone help?
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My dear, from experience you need detail analysis to identify appropriate substance to take. This things could be very frustrating and resistance when taken with levity.
I suggest a lab test.
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If you r suffering from infection problem i would  like to recommend for antibiotic Suprax 200mg  tablet that give you instant result.

Thank You so Much
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My signs of my yeast infection were:

CONSTANT itching (oh god it was horrible)
Red and irritated looking
White, thick milky discharge.

I used a 7 day monistat, cleared up by the 6th day. It burned a bit, but honestly it wasn't bad. It was uncomfortable and awkward.. But it worked and I suffered through it! I also bought cranberry pills (just in case) and some yeast balance pills, also I bought a new Summers eve wash and anti-itch creme (yes I went overboard, but the itch was unbearable)

Thats what I get for having sex with a girl who was pretty dirty about 3 times lol.
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I had similar years ago. One doc wanted to do a hysterrectomy calling it precancer stage 4..... and the second opinion doc said lets clear up the infecIon first.. monostat was prescribed and I did it a couple of weeks to a month......  you might also drink lemon water before bed so it can help ysour immune system. I drink it every morning.... I also put braggs vinegar in the warm lemon water..... half a squeesed lemon or a few squirts of juice pure lemon juice... and braggs unsulphured vinegar one teaspoon works for me. It helps kill bacteria and virus(the vinegar) please look up both and decide what your going to do. You could have bad infection and sometimes a cone biopsy can rule out cervical cancer..... I had the cone done after doing the monostat and it was ok. and we watched it for a few years and my last paps was great.... I didnt know about lemon water back then.. talk to doc. lemon juice is just like orange juice or grape juice, shouldnt hurt.
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Yes, its mostly UTI and I too experienced such thing for week at stretch .kindly have lots and lots of water and other liquid juices etc, keep your private parts and the innerwear clean and even after doing so you don't see any relief then kindly visit a DOC.
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