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breasts still tender and sore

So, two days ago my breasts started to feel sore, they felt raw on the nipples.. then later that day and the next day they felt brused inside... now two days later there still feeling brused and sencitive. my period isnt due for another 11days... nothing else seems to be differant, my bodys beeen tired and achey .. but i also had a mild flu last week which could explain my body achs but my breast are still sore wht could this be? if im pregnant.. is sore breasts 11 days before my period a normal sign. i usualy get sore breasts right before my period just not this early on? hmmm to touch my nipples or squease them really hurts..... anyideas? !
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you could take a hpt, but im not sure it might be too early to tell. so if you take one now, and it comes up negative, then i would wait either until you miss your period, or maybe a day or two before you expect it.
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I used to get really sore breasts before my period, and like you said they fely bruised inside...I got them usually a week before my period, but now I don't really get that soreness, they just swell a little before my period...When I was pregnant, I really didn't notice any soreness until I was like 2 months pregnant or more...I don't think it is a good indicator that you are pregnant or not. Like the other poster said, if you have reason to believe you are pregnant, wait a little bid and take a HPT. Good luck!
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