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delayed period -tive pregnancy result

   I went to my OBGYN and got one more blood test and it came back negative for the pregnancy test. Extremely disappointed.  My husband and I been trying for couple of months now.  

Is there any medication that I can take to get my period?  I have another appointment setup with my OBGYN to talk about this.  May be to give me a prescription?  I am very worried.  This is the first time my period being delayed for 36 days.  

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Yes, Provera is often prescribed to force a period.
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ok thanks.  My peroid didn't show up, that means I didn't ovulate, correct?  Why all of a sudden ovulation didn't happen?
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Sometimes stress, especially during the ttc process, affects our bodies.  It is not uncommon for a woman to skip a period a few times in her life, and they actually say we have one anovulatory cycle every year.

I'm sure your period will show up eventually, especially if you were regular before this incident, but the Provera gives a timeline and gets you back on track sooner.

Good luck to you!
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Let's say my GYNC gives me Provera on Aug 3rd and how long does it normally takes for the period to show up.  

What do you mean by "Provera gives you a timeline".

You are so helpful for me.
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Don't stress out ... it is possible you haven't ovulated YET! I have gone as long as 87 days in between periods, which means that I didn't ovulate until day 73. Consider getting ovulation sticks to see if you are ovulating and that will help. I would recommend not having a drug-induced period unless it is absolutely necessary (they generally don't prescribe this until you are closer to 90 days between) because it gives you horrible cramps and one heck of a period. Save this for a last resort. The more you stress out about it, the more likely you are to have your period delayed. Think of it as seizing the opportunity ... you may still have the opportunity to try to get pregnant this month since your cycle is off because you may not have ovulated yet. Good luck!
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hopefully this will make you feel better...

when me and my ex husband were TTC I got off birth control and my first period came like clockwork. We had intercourse EVERY stinkin day for a month and no period... tons of --'s too. I was depressed and just wanted them to give me provera since I was like 2 weeks late and they refused! Well one day I had some light spotting. I cried and at the same time was happy we were about to get chance #2. But then my period never came. A week and a half later I got my +++. I hadnt even ovulated till I was already late for my period

Good Luck!
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