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heavy period?

Im 19 and have always had pretty regular periods... its usually moderately heavy the first 2 days and then starts to get lighter till the 5th day. i usually have cramps on the first 2 days that are manageable with a couple tylenol.

right now though im on my period, the first 2 days were really light with hardly any cramps (didnt need to take tylenol or anything) and now its the 3rd day and its really heavy (well, heavy for me, so heavier than it normally is even the first day or two) but i still have no cramps... is it normal that its heavier on the 3rd day? and is it normal that i usually have cramps but this time i hardly feel them even though my period is heavier?
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Periods are a funny thing. Your symptoms and the flow can change drastically every month.
Have you been tested for endo?
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sometime periods get heavy but these all are normal at your age dont worry , drink plenty of water and healthy food.
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