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how painful is a anterior and posterior repair

Is a vaginal anterior and posterior repair painful? What kind of meds do they give you in the hospital? I hate Morphine is there something else they could give me instead?

This discussion is related to I have questions about cystocele and rectocele surgery.
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I had vaginal posterior and anterior repair done 5 weeks ago.
I had the op on a monday evening, there was no pain for the first 12 hours as I was given a caudal block which made everything numb. Tuesday morning it was uncomfortable and when I stood up it felt like a heavy pressure down below rather than pain. My bladder felt bruised and became painful after they removed the catheter.
They gave me Voltarol for inflammation and paracetamol for pain relief.
I had problems with my bladder as the repair was very tight. I had to be re-catheterized as I couldn't pass urine. They gave me Oramorph which worked to ease the pain of my bladder but I only had it once.
The catheter was removed on the Wednesday and I was discharged from the clinic.I still had problems with my bladder. It felt like a really bad case of cystitis. It was so bad that I couldn't lay down and spent Wednesday night sitting up and trying to have a pee every 10 minutes or so. On Thursday my surgeon prescribed some prostate medicine which relaxed my urethra enough for me to be able to pass urine.
I was fine by Saturday and even managed to go to Harley Street on a train.
The first 3 days are the worse then the recovery is quick, although I do have bowel pain and am seeing my surgeon on Monday about it.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards Debra

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I was told not to lift more than 5# or the wt. of a gal. of milk. When i have to ask my husband for help he seems "put out", or he doesn't seem to be aware that I need help at all. Of course no intercourse for 6 wks. but I,ve taken care of him when he requested and have tried several times to initiate intimacy, but have been rebuffed, like he doesm'twant to touch me. Does anyone know if this normal? thank you
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Men don't have a clue.  I'm scheduled to have rectocele and cystocele repair surgery in two weeks, I mentioned today to my husband that I had tried to dig a hole in the yard to plant a grape vine, but the ground was too hard and after a couple of pokes I put the shovel up to wait for him to come home.  He laughed at me.  I said "I'm not supposed to lift on anything because it will make my bladder worse."  He said, "Oh, I didn't know."  I told him that's because when I tried to explain ANYTHING to him about the problem and surgery to correct he mentaly goes "La, la, la, la ,la -- not listening, la, la, la ,la -- too gross, la, la, la ...."  It's frustrating not having his support or understanding.
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I have just had a double repair and when i went for the pre op bladder and bowel preassure test, i asked my husband if he felt he would be of support i would appreciate himbeing there.I had made my mind up if he could not cope with the real side of the female anatomy i was not going to come home, though i did not tell him that.  he came to the  preop appointment and that was the best thing because he got a real understanding of what i was going through and met the doctor and heard first hand what the restrictions would be.
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I am 7 days post op.  I had a laproscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy and posterior repair as well an the perinium rebuilt.  My husband is much the same, thought the surgery was being done a t a bad time etc.  HJe got better when I told him about the splinting to go to the bathroom.  He also without my knowledge, found a few videos on youtube that show the surgery.  That made him a much more compassionate I think.  It is just a surgery until they actually see it.
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I have just had this done last week 6 days ago. went well. a tuesday
catheta and packing to begin with that were taken out day 2. Home on friday. able to urinate and poo ok.
Was feeling quite good until Sunday when i started to get sore.
Im thinking this will go on for a while now and that i just have to let the body repair.
FOrtunate to just be taking paracetamol throughout this.
any comments, how long does this really take?
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I had this surgery on a Monday and didn't feel well for at least 12 days.  I was in the hospital for 4 days because the day after surgery the foley (cath bag) was removed and I could void a little but it hurt SO bad!  I struggled to void for three days so they finally discharged me with a foley (cath bag) I could go home with.  This is when the real pain began.  I got a urinary tract infection from the bag and ended up back in the hospital for two days with an i.v. antibiotic and serious morphine for pain every hour on the hour.  While all of this was happening I got some sort of other infection because the bloody discharge from the surgery started to smell like a dead animal was present.  Talk about extreme GROSS my doctor chocked and almost vomitted at the smell.  I was then discharged and sent home again with a foley (cath bag) and three different types of pain killers and three different antibiotics.  Oh I forgot to mention the EXTREME pressure in my anus because I couldn't stool.  I took softners, drank prune juice and even a prune base softner.  After the fourth day and feeling like crap I finally stooled but due to the pressure I had to do so standing up.  Talk about weird!  However, there is a light to this dim tunnel.  I am finally feeling somewhat better but it's been twelve days to feel better.  Lastely when I finally went back to get the foley removed I can void (urinate) on my own but it takes forever because it starts and then stops and then starts and stops again, but I am just thankful to be able to urinate and stool.  I hope with the rate of only 60 to 80% success I am not one that would ever have to have this surgery again.  Too painful!!
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hi I was reading your post on here I to also just had an vaginal hesterctomy and posteior repair. The only pain i get is from when I have to try and pass a stool . Im wanting to know that since my posterior repair was extreme did and how much did it hurt when you passed the stool and how did you do it without straining? The pressure and pain for me is unbearable. I can pee perfectly but the other end. I dont want anything there, I have never felt such pain in my life, it hurt so bad that I lost my breath and almost passed out. I am taking laxatives and drinking lots of prune juice and water but when is it gonna happen and did you have to push at all or did it just as they say "fall out?" its only been 4 days since my surgery.
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I had a posterior and anterior repair plus a TOT sling for my bladder.  All done vaginally with laparoscopic for the TOT.  I highly recommend having your husband come to the pre op appt do the doc can explain what is being done and how the recovery will be in a detailed straightforward way.  That will help your man understand better and be sensitive. Also choose your doc wisely.  Do not let them talk you into mesh or a hysterectomy if they aren't indicated.  

In regards to healing.. I agree that the first week is the worst.  I was in hospital for one night following the surgery and sent home with a foley Catheter since I couldn't fully empty my bladder yet.  Removed it after 3 days.  The catheter caused more pain and irritation than the surgery itself. I was given oxycoten for pain but only took it for the first day and followed with a regiment of ibuprofen, iron, and a stool softener ( a must!) for the next 2 weeks.  Ibuprofen was for both pain and to limit swelling which is why I was on it so long.  

I was up and around walking just fine the day following surgery.  But i tired quickly and felt a low pressure feeling which told me i needed to lay down. Sitting was quite sore for a couple weeks so I mostly lounged with my feet up on the couch for two weeks with only about an hour of up constant up time.  Weeks 3-4 felt much better, with the soreness diminishing and my up time increasing before feeling tired. I am now at 5 weeks post op and feel great!  Just a slight soreness or low pressure if I've been on my feet all day.  

I have two toddlers, so the no-lifting rule has been the most difficult.  I was able to have my mom and dad visit the first 3 weeks and help. Now, however, I can say I've messed up a few times when I couldn't avoid lifting a child.  Those times I certainly feared damage so I squeezed my glute muscles and held my kegel muscle to try to avoid any damage from straining.  I hope it worked.  Have on occassion felt that low pressure feeling that worries me but it diminishes if I lay on the couch for a bit.  

Obviously I haven't tried vaginal Intercourse yet. The idea of it has been unappealing until just recently. However, my husband is pleased with some oral sex and I have been able to orgasm without pain with clitoral stimulation. Hope the detail helps and isn't too wierd. The doc told us to use astroglide when we are cleared to 'go there' after my 6 week appointment.
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I too just had surgery. Anterior bladder repair w a sling for my urethra. Overnight stay in hospital, the first week wasn't too bad. This second week is worse.  I actually can feel slight pressure on the left side in my pubic region. Thinkin it's like that cause the swelling is subsiding. Certain ways I step or sit, depending on the pad's position, it hits the stitches on the outer edge at times. I've just about stopped bleeding, but I do have a slight odor they said was normal. I do get very tired fairly quick. So lots of resting. My boyfriend is actually very supportive & has been a big help, as well as my mother & daughters. I'm so blessed w/ them here to help!!    

Just taking patience & time!!!  Dxegrlz04(Amy)
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Did anyone experience tailbone pain
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Tail bone pain !!!!! Arghhh don't get me started ...as in kicked by a horse and it's left its hoof in there pain ????!!!
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Tail bone pain !!!!! Arghhh don't get me started ...as in kicked by a horse and it's left its hoof in there pain ????!!!
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I am writing this from my hospital bed. I had the op yesterday (about 22 hours ago).
I came out of surgery and was a bit groggy as one would expect.  I woke up with the feeling of having a big no 2.  They asked if i have pain i said no.  Late yesterday afternoon I asked for pain medication cause it was a little sore.  i ate about 2 hours after the op and also again last night.  I asked for a sleepin tablet only because of the clot preventing socks that kept pumping on my lower legs (this kept me awake).

This morning they removed my vaginal plug and catheter and I feel so much better. I have not had any pain medication again and there is very slight cramping on my tummy.

Have been up already walking about with the physio therapist.

When I read these comments I was stressing. It was much easier than I expected.
Please keep in mind that every person is different and your attitude plays a huge part.
Be blessed
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I got the same thing ,and now even  my  mom says when can u lift over 30 lbs.SHe doesnt understand  that its a life time of not much lifting.I'm not gonna undo all of the  pain I went through.Good luck to u.
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good luck ,I was given several kinds of pain meds and nothing was helping.I went home same day.it was worse than natural childbirth.
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i had an anterior and posterior repair on Tuesday2 days ago by spinal block on tuesday night the pressure of the catheter and packing was unbearable i was so sore i felt like i had been cut open with a saw i was awake all night waiting for 6 am when i could have them removed during this time i was given pain relief every 4 hours as soon as they were removed i took a shower which made me feel better even though  the pressure and soreness was still there but not quite as bad i was given a gel to apply for the soreness which didn't really help so my husband brought me some savlon cream which i kept applying wednesday night i took another shower which once again made me feel a bit better home now still feeling the pressure down below and have not had my bowels open as yet cant stand for to long or sit directly on my bottom i have to sit to the side with my feet up its still early days but i hope this helps  
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2 weeks today since i had my op no pain whats so ever only soreness i am now using plain yogurt and when i go to bed canesten cream i am still losing watery blood but only very slightly and it is this that is making me feel uncomfortable i am still swollen but not to worried after reading everyone else's comments what does worry me is a lot of woman said about seeing the physiotherapist and pelvic floor exercise i have not been told any of this by my consultant i just got discharged from hospital with my daily injections and pain killers i return to the hospital in July i can honestly say i have had no pain just so so sore it was driving me mad yesterday i felt fine today so sore again it is 12 05 and i have already had 2 showers i must admit applying the yogurt is not the best i use cotton wool but it does help xx
yogurt for what?
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