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im just a kid. help me.please?

Im just a few months shy of 17. And for the past  few months i've had these bumps around and sort of inside my vagina. I am not a virgin. I've only had sex with one guy, and more times then it should have been it was unprotected. Here lately, my periods have been really different. They've been lighter then usual and i only bleed for two or three days, then its a brownish discharge that as a strong odor for the remainder of my menstrual cycle. I do realize that it could be an STD but i wont accept that. i know its got to be something different. I live with my mom, and telling her is out of the question. she would freak and i just dont want to have to deal with that, and i dont want to worry her, nor do i want her dissapointed. I'd like to go to the doctor but i dont have any way of getting there right now, because at the moment i dont have my liscence or a car. I dont know of any doctor that would look at me with out parental permission, or do they do that? i thought maybe in time these bumps would have gone away but they arent. what can i do? what can it be? is there any way i could go to the doctor with out my mom ever finding out? i will not accept that its an std. so please, tell me something other then that. but i want the truth. what can this be and what does it sound like? im just a kid, i've got my whole life ahead of me. and having and std would basically end it. but im ready for answers. i know i should go to the doctor, but thats impossible right now. so i need your help.what do you think it could be?
thanks so much
yours truely, a freaked out teen.
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Well it could be many things. It may be a form of herpes from the sound of it, in which case you would need medication. It could also be an infection that can be treated with antibiotics, or a yeast infection. If you are in High school, you can go to the school nurse; she should be able to guide you to right direction. Also you can try Planned Parenthood in your area, they are free and confidential, and you can take the bus somewhere right?  And if you ask the school nurse she can keep things private, I'm sure she will.  Another thing you need to do now is be responsible and stop having unprotected sex at this time or at all for some time. You can also try to tell your mom to take you to the doctor, if you don’t want to tell her the reason just tell her a different reason. I think you should talk to your mom and be honest with her; she was a teenager at one point so I'm sure she'll understand. Make sure you practice good hygiene specially now, and only use cotton underwear and no thongs, this is what they would tell you at the doctors. No douching either, this can harm the situation. Anyhow, I would try anything you can to get to a doctors office. I wish you the best of luck and make sure you think before you have sex again, it's an act that should be taken seriously because it can have a lot of consequences, some good some bad, you know what I mean? Many blessings to you ok
Hopeful K
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You could also have been infected with the human papiloma virus and the bumps are warts.  Contracting this virus also puts you in a higher risk category for getting cervical cancer later in life so you need to have regular pap smears.

You're 17, you should be able to go to the doctor without needing parental permission.

Like PP said, start with the school nurse if you trust her.  Otherwise you should be able to find a sexual health clinic or a local free clinic.  Can you catch the bus?
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Hi. At the age of 17 you can go to the doctor and be seen by them without your Mother knowing.
I think you need to consider the fact it maybe and sti. But if it is you may still be able to get it treated and not suffer with it again.
Like leon0409 said it maybe a form of Herpes which can be treated.
I would strongly advise you to go to a clinic or your GP asap to get it seen to and treated.
Hope all works out for you.
Sammie1988 x x
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