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large lump in armpit

Hi! I have a few questions regarding a pretty large lump in my armpit. It has been there for about 3 mos. Its  rubbery and it is also painless, except for having pain in shoulder and some swelling in my finger the actual lump or knot is not painful to touch at all, I have had several docter look at it 3 have said it was a lymph node,I was going to a surgeon for another reason (I had a goiter that needed to be removed )and I asked him what it was he said it felt like a tendon he didnt think it was a lymph node. Has anyone heard of that I can't find any info on it I am thinking maybe thoracic outlet syndrome, I was born with two of my ribs fused together I am just not sure where? and I am a cashier and I know those are to causes of it, But I am 30 year old and I cant belive how difficult this has been to figure out my G.P wants to wacth it while I am freaking out! I went for my annual Pap smear and ask my gyno he said it was a limpoma also none of these Dr. will order a mamogram. I mean I know I am young but I think that would be something they would want to rule out, especially since I have read there is ties between goiters and breast lumps. and no one is telling me the same thing any help would be great thanks!
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Please go see your doctor.  Don't wait until it is too late to cure something that could've been cured had you gone to see your doc. ASAP.  Good Luck!!
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get it resolved asap.  age does not matter.  I just found out that a girl I went to high school with is dealing with breast cancer and she is around 25....I think she was a little but younger when she was diagnosed.  dont wait!

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Thank!I am going to make another app. with a surgeon and demand he biopsy it and I am also going to make sure my gp sends me for a mamogram.
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Please get it checked out and ask the doctor about lymphoma.  I had a tumor removed below my chin and it was lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes) I had this at age 17 anyone can get and ever since then I have had to check all lymph nodes and there are some in your armpits.  Please do not wait I dont mean to scare you but its better to be safe then sorry.  Good luck!
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