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lump on rib

About 8-9 years ago, I was cleaning my shower when I slipped and fell on the tracks that held the sliding doors. I remember losing my breath for a few seconds. As the years have passed, I have seen my rib, that I fell on, only once and awhile, feel uncomfortable and tender. I am pretty sure I had it checked out maybe 5 years or so ago, but I don't remember. There has been a bump there since that time. As I said, only once and awhile it bothers me with the tenderness, but when it does, then I get tortured in my head with what that bump could be. I know it has to have something to do with that shower fall, but is it something I should be worried about after all these years?
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Does the lump come and go with the tenderness, or is it always there?  I recently took my 8 year old son to the doctor because he has a lump on his rib.  They did x-rays and they showed no abnormalities at all.  The doctor told me that there is a notch that the end of the rib sits in and that there is tissue there.  He called this an "over-growth" of tissue.  He said we never would've even known it was there if he weren't as skinny as he is.  I didn't push the issue, but it seems kinda strange for us to only now notice this.  I mean, yes, he's 8 so he bathes himself and all, but he does go without a shirt a lot in the summer time, and we've only now noticed this?  Why did this "overgrowth" pop up all at once?  He's had no trauma to his ribs that we know about and when we asked him, he said no.  So who knows?  I don't know whether to take the doctor's word for it that it's "nothing" or to follow up with a different doctor.  I am curious about your problem.  You would think it would heal and once it did, be gone, wouldn't you?  And if it is from  that fall, why does it only bother you sometimes, and not all the time?  I think the next time the tenderness comes up you should get it checked out then.  
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I would take your son for a second opinion. You may not want advice however from me about doctors. I don't trust them! Espically, when they say it's nothing. I know not all doctors are bad or don't care, but I had a problem with my baby's peditrician, always telling me, NOTHING was wrong. I wish somebody had given me the advice I will now give you, get that 2nd opinion! Make sure everything is alright!
This is part of my problem. I won't go to the doctors to see what this lump/bump is, until I can't stand it anymore. Right now, the only thing it is really hurting is my head. The thoughts of what it could be and if it's serious. I only have myself to blame if it is serious, but I am a stubborn woman and I just don't want to see a doctor right now.
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I don't even know what to say to you now!!  I just visited the web site you posted the link for and I am so speachless.  I am so sorry you had this happen to you.  I can't even begin to imagine the devestation you must have felt/feel.  If anything, your site convinces me that me and you both should be seeing a doctor.  Me with my son, and you for yourself.  Good luck and God bless.  Again, I'm so sorry for your loss!!
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