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ortho evra patch

I tried calling the toll free number to get in contact with an Ortho Evra representative but the number is no longer valid. I would like to know how likely it is to become pregnant while on the patch? And if it's possible to still get your period if you are pregnant & on the patch? Is it true that if you get your period on the fourth (patch free)week,it IS a guarantee that you are not pregnant??? PLEASE RESPOND SOON! thanx.
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I believe that there is a 2 percent chance that you could get pg and yes if you have a noraml period then most liklly your not pg. But if you are that worried I would call your doctor.
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you can still have your period and be pregnant. i two people who were pregnant and didn't know it because they still were having their periods every month. take a pregnancy test if you're worried it can't hurt, only nerve wrecking. i take ortho evra and i have a problem with the patch falling off. This is only my second month on it and already two patches have barely stuck. It does seem to be working, so lets hope it really is. I cannot go through another abortion THAT WAS SOO PAINFUL it hurt more than my tonsil surgery.( had to have abortion because of a medicine i take causes birthdefects =\   ) I believe that the statistic is 1 person in 100 people will become pregnant. You have a greater chance for pregnancy if your body weight is greater than 198 pounds. Hope this was helpful.
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I was on the patch for almost a year. It has the same effectiveness as the pill. I liked the convienence of not having to remember to take the pill every day. But, My skin developed a sensitivity to the adhesive and had to stop using it after getting a bad red rash. I seem to be a special case though. Several women I know have had no sensitivity. Good Luck. :)
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I used the patch for about 2 years and loved it. Although i had the initial skin irritation, but after the 3rd use my skin got used to it. I am not a pill taking person so the patch was very convinient for me. I stopped using the patch about a month ago, because my husband had a vasectomy (8 months' ago). My question is is there a side effect or body changes you experience when oyu stop using the patch. I have been having this lower abdominal pains, especially a week to my period.
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I HATED the patch, I was on it for almost a year and all the extra hormones made me CRAZY. I was a complelety different person when i went off of it...I;m on the nuva ring now and Love it
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