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periods not stopping its the 12th day . please help ?

i am 25. took a morning after pill. got my periods two weeks earlier . usually they last for 7 days but its the 12th day and i am still bleeding. is it normal ? please help ?
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Hi.  Well, the morning after pill will definitely jack up your hormones. That is very normal and irregular bleeding is common.  Are you filling a pad or tampon frequently though? That gets more concerning.  If you are spotting, I'd be less concerned but if you are bleeding a lot for 12 straight days, I think you need to see your doctor.  
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yes i have to change my pad frequently just like i do it during my periods.
Okay, well.  That is a long time to have heavy bleeding.  Heavy bleeding is defined as changing a pad or tampon every hour to two hours. Is it that often?  But in general, that is a pretty long time to have bleeding.  Likely just a hormonal issue after taking plan B which is a big dose of hormones (how it works).  Did you take it within 72 hours after having sex?  Just checking on that.  But bleeding for that long is not really good for us and you begin to worry about anemia.  So, I think that if this continues, you should see your doctor for guidance.  They may need to give you a second hormone to stop you from bleeding. And remember, the morning after pill can mess with your cycle for 2 to 3 months.  

Also, grab some iron pills at the pharmacy and take them as directed, preferably with vitamin C and a fiber gummy to keep you from getting constipated from the iron. It will keep you from anemia.
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