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scared to get a pap smear

I have never had a pap smear before, honestly I never thought of getting a pap smear until last year after I was raped. Now I am scared to death of getting a pap smear because of the exam i was given right after the rape,it hurt so bad then that everytime I think about getting a pap smear now, I think about how bad the pain was. I have been advised by a few doctors and my therapist to get one but i'm so terrified of getting one.They think I should get one even though i'm terrified to make sure all the injuries have healed and everything is okay. I still dont know what to do tho.
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It's very possible that the reason it hurt so bad when you got the exam was because of the damage done during the rape.  Typically paps aren't comfortable but don't hurt very much or for very long.  Paps can be done in less than a couple minutes.  I would definitely advise you to have one done.  If there is any damage from the rape or STDs, this will help the doctors know what problems, if any, are there and how to treat them.  It is better that you have a simple pap test done now than to wait and later on discover that there is something wrong that needs not only a pap but other tests as well.  Make sure that whoever is doing the exam knows about the rape.
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first I want to say that I my heart goes out to for what you had to go thru. I hope that you are getting thru that and come out on the other side.

Pap smears are a neccessary part of life for women. They help doctors to educate us on our vagianl health. Regular Paps can help get something treated if needbe before it gets worse. I know that you are scared. I was too. When I got my first pap, I was a virgin. I was afraid that it would hurt. It was uncomfortable, but if you tell your dr that are apprehensive abou itt, they do their best to make as comfortable as possibe.
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if the doctors said you need one its probably a good idea. im not sure what they did after you were raped but usually a papsmear is just uncomfortable, it shouldnt be painful. it may be scary but you should have it done. its a hard thing to suffer rape, i never was but my mom was and i saw a lot of trouble she went through because of it. the exam you said was painful, was that way  (im guessing) because ofd the rape. i want to encourage you that it shouldnt hurt to get a pap done and you may feel better after doing it for getting it over with and facing the fears that you have about it. i hope i have been of help to you and good luck!
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