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sex and orgasms after a Cesarean

I know my doctor said no sex for 4-6 weeks after my cesarean surgery but are orgasms in general bad for my healing or is it just the penatration of intercourse that is "bad".  So is it ok to have an orgasim with in those 4-6 weeks as long as I am not having intercourse?
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i would say it's ok as long as there is no penetration. i just had a hysterectomy and my surgeon said i would have to "explore other options" it's ok to have an O but no sex!!!
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i agree with troid. it is the actual physical movements of sex that can cause the incision to open. so orgasms are fine they just contract your uterus a bit, but so does breast feeding and your uterus is doing it from delivery. oral sex should be fine, just have him be gentle clitoral stimulation is okay to....sorry if i am too grafic. good luck and congrats on your new baby....i hope you recover soon!

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orgasms fine penetration not- although my doc said actual intercourse was ok after you stopped bleeding which for me was 3 weeks after c-section... I don't know if that is the standard advice but I trust him.

think of it this way- orgasm causes your uterus to contract which it is doing anyway trying to get back to its prepregnancy state. the only reason they tell you to abstain from sex is because of the risk of infection since your cervix isn't as closed as it should be. make sense?
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I had a Cesarean on 2nd September 2005 and my consultant and my midwives advised me on not getting pregnant for a year so my scar can heal properly and everything can get back to normal, they said that I could start having sex again once I felt comfortable within myself.

After the Cesarean I couldn't move properly, my boyfriend had to help me get in and out of bed and help me to the toilet because I was too embarrassed to ask midwives, but he didnt mind (he'd seen it all before so...)
He helped me in and out of the bath, he'd clean my scar for me. He was amazing, he still is with helping me.

Once I felt comfortable within myself again, I'd start having sex with my partner again and that was I think 2 weeks after ma op. So sex is a good thing, but only when ya feel comfortable.
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i had my first baby compleatly naturally with no stitches i was very lucky but the bleading didnt stop for months, luckly my boyfriend isnt actually bothered about that as horrible as it might sound and we started having sex as soon as i felt comfortable which was just 4 days after as mad as that might sound and i was fine. ive now just had an emergency c section 5 days ago and the bleedings almost stopped but im still in a bit of discomfort and the thought of sex evan in a few weeks scares me to death hes very understandable and knows ill let him know when im ready but i feel like never again would be too soon please tell me that its normal to feel like that and it will soon pass.
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well there are all sorts of options,  have your husband stand at the couch while you sit,  and have him stroke your mouth. pleasure for all
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