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should i just focus on me

My male friend and I have been talking for 10 months now and his response to my questions like when are we going to this place or when are we going to be official or even when can i meet some of your people is always  one day, just be patient. He hardly calls and now every since i told him i had to get meds for trich, i cant hardly reach him. He told me the other day im not trying to ignore you i just got to get my job situation and apartment straightened out, but he is doing something because we pretty much dont talk at all now. I dont know if he thinks i gave him this or what because i just went to the doctor this past summer and i was ok in all aspects but when i started to feel funny i went back and that was the result. I think i should just forget about him and leave that whole situation alone, but another part of me says be patient with him and stay, but we are not committed in no kind of way so i think i will get all that out of my head and think about me. I have enough on my plate, im in grad school and i am about to go into my career i dont need the extra stress.
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i dont know what trich is so i cant answer that.

as for him, sounds like he is not interested anymore.  you seem to have answered your own question too.  get through school, start a career and dont worry about a man.
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Trich can live in the female genital tract asymptomatically a very long time, so it's pretty much impossible to know when you got it.

Sounds like he's pretty much disconnected from you.  You have a lot going on for yourself, anyway.  Good luck!
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You should move on.  He's probably seeing other girls and that's why he's not committing to you.  He says be patient, but I really think he's putting you on the back-burner for whatever it is he's doing on the side.  You may have had the disease before him and maybe not, but either way you should get away from this guy because if he did give it to you he might end up giving you something else.
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