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thrush or urine/kidney infection?

hi, im not sure where to put this but i'll try here. right, i had what i thought to be a thrush infection more than a week ago now, well im sure it was thrush, major discharge. i thought it had gone because i used a pessery and cream, but now the last couple of times id had sex id been painful and after the vaginal area is saw, like raw, there is an itchyness everyday, not constant but now and again. now its getting worse, last night i woke up with my left side hurting nd my right side just hurting a little, when i got up in the morning i was really dizzy. and now ive just been to urinate and its really burning. i just dont feel right at all. so what is it i have? is it thrush or is it a urine infection going to kideny infection? oh i had low back pain too. this time last year i have a bad kidney infection so im worried because i was really ill with it, so id rather this was thrush to be honest. and what can i do, i already tried the pessery and cream from boots. oh and i do still have a little discharge but hardly anything compaired to what it was before i used the pessery.
any help will be much appreciated,
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It really sounds like a urinary tract infection.  Go to the doc and get a urine sample taken, they will prescribe you something if positive.  But do take care of it, it can lead to kidney infections and you certainly don't want that.
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thanks, i will ring up tomorow. how long do you think it will take to go that far? ive been drinking alot of water.
i had a kidney infection this time last year when we went on holiday to florida, and oh my god i thought i was dying honestly it was awful. fevers.shivering, agonising pains in back, almosgt fainting most the time, along with normal UTI symptoms, i even had a bad cough because my kidneys were pressing somewhere or oher and making me cough or so the doc said. when i got back and had the test it didnt come back showing up though, even though the antibiotics seemed to work, ,weird.
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If you have the test today and they find it positive, hopefully you will be on meds by end of today.  Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice is also good for it.  You should be OK as long as a fever does not kick in, then it's too late.
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thanks i went today and ive just taken an antibiotic now that ive had my dinner, i did a test just need to find out the results. now ive taken at least one and carry on taking them i should be okay right?
he also gave me another pessery for thrush, but to me that seems pointless because with the antibiotics they can give you thrush anyway, but hey i will do it tonight anyway. blummin prescriptions cost a fortune!
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