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worried...10 days delayed of period

I had my last period Dec 29 and had unprotective contact till Jan 15. Im in normal cycel and should have my period 1st week of february. I experiencing the usual symtoms before having a period like breast tenderness,cramps,moody etc. I have vaginal discharge but its all in white, I dont urinate much. Ive been worrying this since the 1st week of delay...does it cause why Im still delayed now? Im not having a pregnancy test hoping to have my period soon. I just broke up with my BF last week of January which makes me more depressed and get more worried about this delays. I dont experience nausea. I try to drink beer because others says it would help to push the period. If im not pregnant is there anything i can do to let this period start as soon as possible? Please someone speak to me....
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i was 2 weeks late for one of my periods and i took 5 hpts and they were all negative. as soon as i calmed down and stopped stressing out...my period came. the only way youll know is if you take a test.
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Thank you for your concern, sure I will take it...and i just really hope its negative...but if its positive what shall i do? i cannot have this...im sorry to people who are against abortion but there are situation that sometimes needs this matter.
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If you are pg, weigh out the benefits/negatives to having a baby.  OBVIOUSLY next time use some sort of birth control.  I was 18 when that happened to me and I learned my lesson.  SO good luck.. i hope you get a negative test but if you are pg and want to abort.. make sure you seek out support.. it is the toughest choice you will ever make.  AND THEN get some BC pills or condoms..
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I agree with all the former posters. You need not apologize for your choice. Whether you are Pro Life or Pro Choice you have that right to chose either. Being Pro Life myself, I would only suggest that before you make your descision please consider all your alternatives. Thousands of people are looking to adopt and babies are very much on the list. Good luck to you.
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Joannarf is right, taking the test won't make you pregnant.  You are or you aren't.  If it turns out that you are, then please educate yourself.  You have some choices, so before making a decision take some time to get informed.  I am not going to try to talk you into making any one choice.  If you are pregnant, then you don't really have any easy decisions to make.  Just take some time with it.  Obviously, if you are not pregnant, be more diligent about your birth control from now on.
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Take an HPT!  That's the only way you are going to know if you are pregnant or not.  If you had unprotected sex, then yes, you have a good chance of being pregnant.  Take a test and find out.  BTW, I totally agree with the other post about drinking beer.  What were you told is in beer that is supposed to magically bring on your period?
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