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yeast infection after having sex

I've been having yeast infection for the past 5 months, At first i thought it was the change in weather and being that it gets moist down there i was getting the yeast infection. I went on vacation for a month and i didn't experience a yeast infection cause i haven't had sex. When i came back i had sex with man man and I notice that it reocurred again. I treated it everything was fine,until we had sex again it came back. I made an appointment to see my doctor and he gave me a precription for it. Everything is fine again after 3 weeks we had sex again the **** came back and i am getting so fustraded at one poitn i thought it was the condom but we used another brand and it's the same problem. I have an appointment with my doctor next week. If it's possile can someone plz give me some advice on what's the problem. thanks.
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You're probably not getting a yeast infection from sex, just noticing it more after intercourse. First, are you very well lubricated when you have intercourse? Too much friction can be really, really irritating; the symptoms you experience might just be from that alone. Also, are you on the pill, by any chance? Or diabetic? Either of those can cause frequent yeast infections. But most of all, did your doctor actually diagnose you in person with a yeast infection, or just call something in for you over the phone? If the latter, I'd make an appt to be seen. You may either have a different strain of yeast, or another type of infection.
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Or.....your partner can have a yeast infection and you two keep passing it back and forth, have him checked too.
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But how could it be possible to past a yeat infection back and forth, we always use protection.
Oral sex or using spit for lube can do it too--particular to the chemistry of your partner..
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Yes I am lubricated when ever I have sex. I am not on the pill or any type of birth control.  Have no idea if I
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Condoms protect his fluids from getting in your, but your fluids could get on his pubic hairs or testicles and keep reinfecting you.  So, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get him treated as well as you or this could keep reoccurring.  HTH
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Like Ateague said, fluids and other stuff can be transmitted during foreplay and just through physical contact.  It doesn't hurt to have him tested for a yeast infection.
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I went through the same thing for years.  My doctor called it Ping Pong because my husband and I just kept giving the yeast infection back and forth through vaginal sex.  I also noticed that every time we had oral sex I would get an infection almost immediately!  I know this sounds crazy but we discovered that if we both eat yogurt every day the yeast infections are non-existant.  Completely gone!  We also discovered something else interesting:  My husband is asthmatic and his inhaler kills certain bacteria in his throat which apparently can occasionally cause a yeast infection in his throat.  Eating the yogurt also took care of his sore throats!
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Almost 4 years later and I too am having the same problem. Exactly as yours. With or without the use of a condom I'm getting yeast infections after sex. With the same partner or a different one, I'm still getting it and it's running me crazy. Did you ever figure this thing out? Because right now, I'm felling really cursed.
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I have the same problem! and its really pissing me off! i get them all the time and it too is driving me crazy. I have noticed that i have been getting them after intercorse, even with a different partner too. So im thinking that it has to do with our bodys, because what are the chances that we keep passing it back and forth with different people. Im going to go to my doctor the next time it happens after sex, and if i find anything out ill let you know!!! GAHHH  frustrating!!! BUt i hear that eating certain yogurt does help some?
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I have been dealing with this problem for the past four years and it makes me want to scream/cry.  I get them whenever I have sex, with the same partner or someone different.  I have seen two different doctors and neither seem very concerned which actually annoys the hell out of me.  I'm 24 and I can't enjoy a normal sex life!  They have done all sorts of tests and blood work.  They now think it may be my birth control, which is a possibilty.  Why isn't this a bigger issue, I feel as though if I were a man and this was a problem I had with some sort of penis infection it would be a huge deal.  It's really annoying and really upsetting and I wish there was more info out there about this problem and that more people talked about it.
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I am relieved that I am not the only one.  I have been dealing w/ persistent yeast infections fro about 5 yrs now.  i have visited 4 different drs and they all act like its no big deal!!! Very frustrating ordeal.  i am on birth control pills which unfortunately I have to take since i have PCOS and will rarely get my period unless i take the pill. I asked them about alternative meds to take in lieu of the pills and non of them can give me a straight answer...I am completely frustrated and dont know what to do. it hinders my sexual life severely..my fiance is very supportive but I AM FRUSTRATED! if anyone has any advice or reccommend any obgyn who is knowledgeable about persistent yeast in the nyc area, please share
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I heard that the nuvaring birth control helps alot with women who are prone to yeast infection... I have been using it for about 3 years and it does help however I was married for the most part of that and maybe only got one or two but i mostly contributed that to receiving oral after my husband drank alot of beer... I know that sounds like an old wives tale but i would literallty get one instantly if he drank beer and gave me oral without brushing his teeth and rinsing with mouth wash,,,, anyways i am now with a new partner for the past 3 months and we recently started having unprotected sex and I have had 2 yeast infections... hopefully the nuvaring will help me out here. I used an over the counter medicine the first time and now am on a prescription terconazole i think it's called. hopefully after i complete the prescription we should be good to go but since i dont want to make this reoccuring i did talk to my doctor who said both of us should use mild soap to bathe the area and dry completely and i should wear white cotton underwear and sleep without anything whenever possible as the area can breathe... I'm going to try this as well as eating yogurt with probiotics everyday to help avoid the issue. i will let you know how it works out!
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i'v been havin the same dammm problem fo 8yrs..nd am not dibtic or on any kinda of pill.....with me its kinda different its started with kindney problmes got worser with freakin burnin/itchin/swollin/bleedin all that happen to my poor vige all u can imagin at one point i thought i have cancer...i'v been to like more then 25 doc if am not mistaken include the hospitals nd they  keep feedin anit.b whichs its not helpin ufffffff..and omg i hate havin sex cuz of the burnin...it started wen i waz 16 and now am 24.....i hope i get hit by train dammmm it...
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Wow, you guys, this is a problem! I have been having this problem, with/without condom, never been on the pill, for 18 years. I am 34. Same problem. Seen many doctors, same unhelpful response. I thought it was a latex allergy. Didn't use condoms, still got it. Different partners, didn't matter. Got it first time with partners, so no chance of passing back and forth. It happens everytime I have sex. I had no sex for 10 months, not one yeast infection! I have tried everything. One thing that helped at one point, and I will try it again, was using an oral homeopathic and taking it all the time. The company name is Natra-bio, Candida Yeast Relief. I think health food stores like Whole Foods carries it. http://www.natrabio.com/   http://www.natrabio.com/category-exec/category_id/782/nm/Women_27s_20Health
Are any of you hypoglycemic? Not diabetic, but low blood sugar? I am. I get shaky, panic and irritable when hungry. I was tested. Try to avoid sugar, and alcohol. Both will make yeast infections unbearable.
Unfortunately I haven't found the long term solution. I do hope there are doctors and scientists researching this problem. Judging by this blog, it is a more common problem than I thought.
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Here is a good article...

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same problem guys! several doctors, and no explanation. I have been tested for every kind of infection and also had blood work done etc. and nothing! everytime i have sex it happens! it takes a while for it to go away too. reeeeally annoying. so by the time it's gone, it's been so long that i/we want to have sex again and it's back! it's so painful and annoying!! and i HATE yogurt. why doesnt anyone have an answer to our problem!!
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You guys, I don't know what to say. I haven't found a cure yet. My guy was in town and all went well while he was here. But alas, he's gone and with our last night together, the infection is back again. This time with my cycle. It's not as bad as it has been in the past and it took longer to come this time. I will say if you are using any toys etc, my doctor said to make sure you are cleaning them well. That's all I have this time around.
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Wow... It's soooo incredibly nice to know I'm not alone here! I am not a diabetic, nor on any pill. I have protected sex, and it happens regardless of the partner. Usually I'll notice it starting to get irritating during sex, and once that happens, there is no going back...  But what I don't understand is why doctors don't seem to get it... So... what kind of yogurt do you guys recommend?? What about the yogurt that contains the aspertain? Anyone have any luck with the acedophalus pills? Or are we all doomed to prefer the 2 pump chumps that are quick and painless in bed...???? lol
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I'm sorry to hear about everyone's issues with those damn yeast infections. I haven't had one in years... and I think it was the soap products I was using. Its not documented very often (if at all really..) but I'm pretty darn sure I'm allergic to glycerine. I was so baffled as to WHY it seemed like I was doing everything right (condom use, one partner, very good hygene, frequent doctor visits..) I wasn't on antibiotics or birth control. I started narrow down all the possibilities and saw glycerine is in A LOT of stuff. It was in my bath gel, bar of soap, condoms, spermacide, ky jelly AND my deoderant. In many cases, it was the one of the main ingredients. It took a while to figure out what was plauging me. Doctors were no help. They would usually say it was my diet or that I wasn't following through with the instructions to keep taking meds even after it cleared up. I knew that wasn't the case. Even after I figured out my allergy and the yeast infections miraculously stopped happening, I was told by my doctor that it was unlikely I was allergic to glycerine. Whatever. I always avoid glycerine in any product that is going on my most sensitive areas (i used to get horrible rashes in my armpit- talk about embarassing!) and I can't really remember the last time I've had a yeast infection. So, girls if you have tried EVERYTHING else and you keep getting irritated, try products w/out glycerine. Bath and Bodyworks is my savior for bath gel/soap stuff, avoid condoms with glycerine as a lubricant, try out the lubricant doctors and tattoo artists use (i know i know not as fun as all the flavored, sparkly warming sensation lubricants but its worth using- TRUST ME). I wish I could remember the name of the stuff but I'm sure you could ask your doctor or google it. I'm hyper sensitive to alot of things (nut allergies, nickel allergies- really bad like if it touches me for a short period of time I break out in giant rashes) so if you are too- Maybe you have the same problem I did...... OKAY
NOW i have to ask: what are the chances of a guy giving me a yeast infection? Yes, I'm incredibly stupid and hooked up with a guy w/out protection. I'm waiting to hear back from him on whether he DOES have one. Reguardless, I'm going to my GP as soon as I can because I don't want to have us passing it back and forth to each other. I've heard this happens even with a condom on because there are still bodily fluids involved. We hooked up a couple of days ago and he told me yesterday he might have one. I seem pretty normal down there. No itching/burning/irritation going on... I have another person I occassionally hook up with and I wonder if, even though it doesn't seem like I have one, could I act as a carrier and pass it on to him? If you get a yeast infection from sex... how long does it normally take to show up? My experience before subtracting the glycerine was that I would start feeling itching/irritation almost immediately after... so...am I wrong in assuming I'm probably in the clear? My yeast-free friend wants to hook up, and I hesitate to do anything with him until I get confirmation from my doctor that I'm yeast-free as well. Even with a condom- because I'm hella paranoid! If a girl gives a yeast infection to a guy... how long does THAT take to develop? Any info, advice, support would be much appreciated.
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To all those who say that the doctors act like it's no big deal. Go to a female doctor. Any doctor who has had a yeast infection will know that it is a BIG DEAL!

Or, if for some reason you do not feel comfortable with a female doctor, at the very least switch to another male doctor. A doctor should never, ever minimize your complaints.
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This may be a little different than what some of you are experiencing, but hopefully this will help someone.  After being on antibiotics for 7 months - I had had a highly resistant yeast infection for about 2 years - I was taking diflucan 3x a wk during that time (expensive) and finally went to a Homeopathic Medical Doctor....yes, he was an MD - they are out there!   Not only was the yeast infection in my vagina, but it was throughout my entire body.  My breast, legs, arms - everything itched like crazy!  It was hell and I felt like I had the plague!  I had gained 25 lbs over that 2 year period and had puffed up like the pillsbury dough boy!  For 3 months, he had me stop eating all sugar, pasta, breads, any condiments with vinegar and also (all fruits for the first month)  In addition to the change in diet, he also gave me 3 different types of probiotics (not sure of the exact spelling - but bifidus, bacillus and acidopholus) that I mixed in water.  This all may sound very stringent, but I was soooo thankful for his help!  Within a month, all itching throughout my entire body had stopped and I had lost 10 lbs.  I continued the diet for a total of 3 months and I had also went down to my original body weight. I am not as militant on my diet, but I do try to be careful with what I eat and fortunately I havent had a yeast infection in 7yrs.
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What is so terrible about this thing is that yes it happens whether you change partners whether you strap up or whatever... my thing is it *****. I am 21 years old. I do not want to walk around or be intimate wearing freaking granny panties all my life to avoid yeast infections.  I cant wear thongs, boy shorts and this is REDICULOUS!!!!!! Sooo not fair. I just wanna be normal.. Normal Ph Level, normal wetness. normal if not greater pleasure after intercourse.
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Note: This will be long. I have done much research!

FIRST: I am soooo greatful to all of you that posted. Thank you, sisters, thank you.

SECOND: My Story. I started getting yeast/urinary infections 6 months after using the NuvaRing. Female and male doctors never would give the suggestion encouragement that there was a connection between the nuvaring and the infections. I went to urologists that pumped me with antibotics weekly through catheter for 6 months, and even yet they told me to expect UTI which would transform to yeast. And did! I went the PPO route with specialists. I went the HMO route, I went the free clinic and planed parenthood route, and I have even tried the heomeopathic route (which takes soooooo sooooo much longer to clear -1 month- but it will clear). I was getting infections every 2 to 4 months like clockwork. For 5 years. After 3 years I took the nuva ring out- just in case. I was clear for 6 months!!! WoooHoo!! After, I would get infections every 6 to 8 months.

THIRD: What works for me. Even going from 10 times a year infected to 2 or 3 is improvement for me. I have an infection about every 9 to 11 months. So I will tell you all what has been working for me and I hope it helps.

FOURTH: My Top 10 Remedies to PREVENT Re-ocurring Yeast Infections.
1. Always wipe front to back after using the toilet and shower after taking a ****. (Too bad we don't have bbidets).
2. Blow Dry after showers and when sporting pubic hair, blow dry until the hair is dry.
3.  Avoid waring tight underware and thongs for tooo long in the day.
4. Change underware 2 times a day (I think this is important) and ware different underware while sleeping.
5.Always hand-sanatize before touching you or partner. Have partner always hand-sanatizes before touching himself, herself  or you.
6. Take a Candida albicans by mouth everyday and an insert suppository the day before and the day after sex. (This can be found at WHoleFoods or Online).
7. Afer sex, shower and blow dry IMMEDIATELY (very important).
8. After sex, shower, and blow dry...Use a baster (Yes, the one for juicing turkeys.) and insert a small amount of yogurt or Bio-K Plus (also found at WholeFoods) into the cooch and let dry or sleep with it at night. Dont' forget to wake up and shower and blow dry the area before putting on clean underware.
10. STRESS LESS!! Do what you need to do to be in a good mood most of the time rather than sometimes being in a good mood.

FIFTH: Happy Healing!! The last major important ingredient, STRESS LESS, I believe, is to use your imagination to stay healthy and strong. Imagine yourself healthy and enjoying life. Affirm yourself that you are a Self-healing creature and you are doing your best. Sometimes I go on Youtube and just watch and listen to clips of healing affirmations. The reason I think this is important is because I also noticed that Infections would occur during and after stressful times in my life. Very stressful days of anger and frusteration would be followed by a yeast infection. I do not know if there is a correlation; but what I have seen with myself is that a change in my mood and behavior, my attitude tword myself and life, in a positive, loving and caring way, has aided in my healing. Instead of thinking "I DON"T want to be sick" - think " I am healing myself every minute with every breath I take."

SIXTH: Our enviornment. Unfortunately, looking at the history of this country (USA) and medicine, I am not suprized that women's issues are very under developed. There has been much more research and efforts spent on population control, in general, than solving real problems which most likely already have solutions. AKA... Cure for AIDS and HEP B/C are at your fingertips if you can spend $20K a month on meds. A system of profit cares nothing about people. Hence, it is upto us to keep our bodies healthy, to pay attention to the mechanics of our transportation system and make sure we are doing everything we can to keep the wheels turning and the clocks ticking. There are no waranties, go backs, exchanges or refunds. When your vehicle gives out, it gives out for good. Yet, I believe that we can control many factors with our keen awareness. So please stay mentally active to be physically active. And stress less!!

SEVENTH: Adrenaline Fatigue and the Immune System. Forgive me for harping on the stress issue but it is sooo very important. In my research I have found that Stress causes Adrenaline fatigue. When an animal is running for it's life-run or be eaten- they are experiencing the most stress. To cope the body shuts down everything except for what it must do, breathe and run! The digestive system doesn't work, the reproductive system doesn't function, the IMMUNE System is off! So when we stress, the brain releases the same chemicals to the body to go on "standby" mode and stop most functions. With our immune systems down - due to stress- even with meds, healing is difficult. There are additional side effects, diabetes, damaged hippocampus, etc.

EIGHTH: I hope many women find this helpful. I wish you all the best healing and happiness. Remember, you are AWW-MAZING!! For questions, comments, and some emotional support, you may contact me at ***@****.
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I have been married for 8 years, been separated for 9 months.  My husband and I never had sex for 16 months, so I didn't get any yeast infections, but I do around spring time of the year, just cause I do.......
SO I went 16 months without having sex, and I find/meet a man and we had sex.  The very next morning I wake up and wham, I could feel that yeast infection feeling inside, the itchy one we women are familiar with.  (by the way after reading your posts I am eating yogurt at this very moment :)  ).  
I remember the first time I had sex I was 20, I am 44 now......and that was the first  time that I had gotten an yeast infection, I immediatly went to my doctor cause I didn't know what I had, why I was so itchy, and I near had my wazoo scratched right off it hurt to pee.  I was so scared to go and tell him, but he told me that when a woman (some) do not have sex for a long time, and then they do have sex they are prone to yeast infections, there was a name for it, I forget actually, its a word like Virgin Infection, or Brides' something............
Anyways, this is a pain in the butt for sure........I am using candastine 6 right now hopefully to cure this  thing, but also I have to tell you that using condoms are GREAT, but latex cause yeast infections as well, alot of women are allergic to them, but its better to get an yeast infection than aids......so I will take the allergic reaction...........so..............now I have to google yeast infection symptoms in men.....................Thanks for this forum or post, I found it really helpful and i am eating yogurt daily from now on...  :)
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