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yeast infection? or normal?

im 18... and looking for some womenly advice/answers please =]
there are like white marks left in my underwear and i get this discharge quite a lot... its usually kinda white/clear with a faint.. vaginal smell.... and sometimes it comes out so much at a time i feel like im wetting myself... but it is this dischage when i check...
so you can imagine how embarassing i feel when this happens..even though  no one else in the room knows whats happening.. I FEEL LIKE IM WETTING MYSELF .. so i panick and leave the room...
i have had all sti's tests and they are all negative.
some of my friends i have talked to say they get it before or after their period or ovulating .. and its normal... is this true????  or could it be a signs of a yeast infection? or anything else??
please help!!
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sounds like completely normal discharge to me. everyone has discharge throughout the month, some more than others, but it's definitely completely normal. a yeast infection is generally a different kind of discharge, generally with a strong odor and much thicker discharge. it would also be itchy down there. i wouldn't worry at all, but if you are, you can search yeast infections online to reassure yourself!
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Sounds normal.  
If it's ever any other color and it smells bad, then you have a problem.
If it was a yeast infection, it would be ichy and thick and you'll be uncomfortable.
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I used to have fairly chronic yeast infections when I was a teenager, but never had a problem with itchiness.  If it's thick and slightly yellow, and has a foul odor (more than just the smell leftover from  sweat/urine over the course of the day), I'd go ahead and get a package of Monistat at the store.  They make them in I believe 7, 3, and 1 day doses, and are more expensive for stronger doses/less days.  Don't have sex while you're treating yourself for a yeast infection, or for about a week after to make sure it's cleared up.  Otherwise you may give it to your partner to carry and give right back to you (men can carry the yeast, but don't suffer any ill effects).
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oh okay thanks :D

is there any way to stop it? or you know have less of it? ??
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