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what do you like to do?

what is it that YOU like to do? do you like reading? writing? perhaps you sing? or play?

me...i love going to museums, reading and writing.

i'm working on a few novels right now. i'm half way down with the first i started.
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I enjoy writing --- writing poetry and also photography.  Not a pro by any means, but find it very relaxing -- both writing & taking pics!
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Seen your post in the other forum and thought I would stop by and say hi. I love to read and write and am currently working on my second novel. The first was published last year. I love anything outdoors, though mostly swimming and playing with my son.
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chitchat - i love photography!!! i've always wanted to learn the different techniques for taking pictures. some pictures are just so amazingly beautiful! what kind of poetry do you write?

victoria - that is so awesome! what was the title of your first novel?

i'm also an outdoors person. i grew up camping, hiking and canoeing with my family. now (while my kiddos are still little) we enjoy going to the park.
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I used to write poetry, but have not written a single poem since the one I wrote for my sister's funeral when I was 13.

I LOVE to read though! I just got Pride & Prejudice & Zombie's from the library! I have not started reading it yet, but I can't wait. I love The Great Gatsby, and other literature but I also love murder mystery and suspense!

My new found hobby is going to be cake decorating! I always wanted to be a pastry chef but ended up with a degree in Criminal Justice and working on my Master's in Forensic Psychology.....SO, cake decorating is going to be a hobby! I am signing up for the classes at Hobby Lobby!!

Thats about it for me :-)
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oh cheyenne that is awesome!!! i wanted to try cake decorating but....after my bunny cake disaster i figured i'd leave that to the professionals. lol
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i love music , and poetry ;sports
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I mainly like to write. Mostly I enjoy doing non-fiction writing, because when I get stuck on a subject of interest to me, I research all I can about it, then usually end up writing something up on it for my own reference or for others' benefit.
I know somewhere within my cluttered brain, there is a creative streak in there. But with my life being as hectic as it's been for the last 8-10ish years, I've kinda lost touch with my creativity. I have a hard time coming up with fictional works. It's like that spark just isn't there like it used to be when I was a kid.
I'm hoping one day I can write children's fiction, and hopefully a children's novel or series of novels. That's been my dream for as long as I can remember. I just need to find something worth writing about...
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I enjoy going to different restaurants with my fiance and trying different meals from different culture. Our last food venture was at restaurant with Middle Easter menu (Iraq to exact). I found the food presentation visually apealing, but found the taste to be  bland, but it was very healthy. My fiance and I also enjoy wine tasting. Last time was at a winery in Napa Valley, CA., where we sat and enjoyed a glass of wine over looking acres of rapes and oh how we enjoyed it....it was wonderful!
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sorry.."I meant  grapes not rapes (lol)"
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Heatherlynn22 - My first novel is "Cries of Regret". It came out in March of 2009.

Cheyenne- I tried that cake decorating thing too...it was a total disaster when I tried to make my 3 yr old a large train cake for his birthday! :)
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I enjoy the fall season, watching mother nature put on a show. I just love the different colors of the leafs. Some trees are amazing in colors and compliment the changing crisp air.
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my aunt and i have been making "leaf buddies" every fall since i was 3. lol. we find the prettiest, most colorful leaves out there. then we get really heavy books, wax paper and pair the leaves up until they form some sort of creature. we have quite a collection. lol. all of the books she has are FILLED with all of our "leaf buddies".

what's it about victoria? i've been needing to get some new reading material (once i start reading a book for the 5th or 6th time that's when it kind of dawns on me to go buy some new ones. lol)
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