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MMJ for Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

I'm an epileptic and may have been unwittingly self-medicating with weed for the past year or so.  I was smoking it for fun but then I noticed I was able to lower my anticonvulsant dosage and go longer without taking any and miss more sleep before something bad would happen.  Now I'm trying to research the medical community's take on mmj because I'll be moving to Vermont in August, where it is used to treat epilepsy, and I think I'd like to apply for a permit (is that what it's called?  A permit?)  Not finding much helpful info so far.  Just anecdotes.  And search results where epilepsy.com tells me a Dr. Sirven answers four questions about medical marijuana but then when I click the links, the website is all "LOLZ there's no Dr. Sirven or four questions or medical marijuana on this page".  Where do I go for credible information?
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Dr. Sudlak in Falmouth, ME is a well-known advocate ... his office could probably help you. I was anxious, but cautiously optimistic, to see if MMJ would work for me. It's been three months and, while not suffering from the same condition, I can honestly say that it's given me my life back.  

If you can find it on the Internet, find the Katie Show that aired (Friday or Monday, July 19 or 22, I think) .. the woman was called the Martha Stewart of Weed or whatever. They had some remarkable footage.

Here's a link to the doctor I think might be able to give you some information. I understand he's not in Vermont, but you said you were looking for credible evidence, so here goes.


Good luck!
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