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why me or does this hapen to others?

Why does the meds I take work for so long then quit? i get going really good and then all of a sudden I am back where i was when i started. I am bipolar, and the meds seem to work for a month or two and then i have to try something else. I get very tired of being a freaking lab rat. that is how i feel about it.
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Same thing happens with me. Best luck I ever had was way back when with Prozac. It worked great for about 6 months, then zap... over. I have been on practically every psych med for depression since and while very few have worked so well off of the bat, most had better effects when new that wore off fairly quickly. Now I've downgraded my expectations and just go with what allows me to avoid the lowest of lows. I think it is called treatment resistant. Kinda ***** but it is better avoiding the lowest lows than to give into them. I know that you feel like a lab rat... me too. But on the other hand what other choice to we have but seeking treatment, even if it doesn't live up to greater expectations?
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only through trial & error will you find the right pills for you :)
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