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Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

With all the sites out there that have info on Vitamin D, their just doesn't seem to be one that has all the symptoms that can accompany vitamin d deficiency. I'm going to list my symptoms, so that others may have some insight, in layman's terms. I hope anyone else with the deficiency would also post theirs.

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I started with a vitamin D level of 20; I'm now at 30.6 and my symptoms (described above) are much improved though it's difficult to know if the vitamin D is entirely responsible. Good luck -- the 5000 IUs a day should help and I hope you start feeling better as your levels rise!!!! Keep letting us know how you're doing...Phyllis
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It's so good to hear that you feel better! :)
Was your level 20 ng/ml or 20 nmol/L? In Norway we use nmol/L, but I see in here that in the US, it's mostly ng/ml. A bit of a difference - I think that my original level of 31 nmol/L would equal 12-13 ng/ml.

I think I can feel some improvement already, actually - but I'll give it some more time before I get mo hopes waaaay up ;) I'll have a retest in february, excited to see if my D-level is rising nice and fast ;)

I'll definitely remeber to keep you posted - I'm in here every day at the time. It's really a relief and comfort to 'meet' people who really can relate to my problems and understands it all :)
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Hello all,
First post and thought I would share my experiences.
(Just been tested for Vit D and was at a level of 17)

Pressure in head and face
sinus problems?
fullness of ears
clicking jaw
'numb' feeling in temple areas
heavy headed
brain fog
memory problems
concentration/attention issues
a real strange sensation/pain in head if breaking suddenly in a car
convergence weakness (eye muscles)
scalp itching and flaking/red/tender on and off
extreme fatigue
a general feeling of being unable to balance - problems walking
anxieties (brought on by this health stuff in my opinion)
sleep which does not combat tiredness
unable to sleep for more than 2/3 hours at a time
always thirsty
fluctuating appetite
fluctuating moods
intermitent swollen glands, mainly under arms. these become tender after consuming alcohol
a real intolerance to alcohol - hangovers from hell, last for days (have now stopped drinking altogether)
muscle weakness, whole body.
a general sense of feeling unwell.
muscle cramps
arms/hands shake after exertion
always feeling incredibly hot, even in winter
waking up with numb limbs. could be any, not one in particular
always thirsty
strange loud noises in head, lie waves crashing, happens about once a month - this tends to paralyse me for a short while and effects my vision.
excessive gas/bloating
pins and needles/tingling in different parts of body.
unbereable pain when doing a 'number 2' on the odd occasion - like a cramping of the inside of my rectum.
excessive sweat/clear discharge from rectum, brought on by being sexually aroused or running.
Rash in chest.
occassional abnormal LFT results, with 'no explaination as to why'.
disturbing dreams
sensitvity to light
problems with coordination.

The above is a list of symptoms that I have had over the past few years (I have only started to feel REALLY BAD ove rthe past 6 monjths or so - this was when all the balance/coordination and memory stuff started to really take effect)

Still not convinced that all of this can be down to Vit D levels?? I have been on anti-depressats for the last two months (reluctantly) but have not really noticed much difference. I started taking prescribed vit d tablets recently, and had teh injection this morning, and will be able to comment on whether this helps in teh next couple of weeks.

I have gone from being a sociable, fairly fit mid twenties male that is now a shadow of my former self. I have had blood wor done for just about everything you can think of and a CT head scan, with only the vit d levels coming back abnormal.

Should I accept that this is indeed the answer?!

Thanks for reading :)

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fatigue from mild - extreme 
blurred vision 
memory problems 
slow/ foggy thinking 
chest pains 
foot/ankle/leg/arm/shoulder/wrist/hand and finger pains in the muscle/joints and 
lower back and upper back pain 
excersise intollerance ( seemed to make me weaker rather than stronger and recover time got longer and longer) 
very susceptible to catching colds and flus 
night sweats 
mood swings 
dry skin 
sun sensitivity rashes 
change in allergies 
swellin in hands and legs 
weird heart beats 
I think that's most of them. I tested normal on ra but my joints had begun swelling as in ra
 Oh! I forgot two really disturbing symptoms.. 
Grinding my teeth Mostly when sleeping but once it was almost like lockjaw... Odd...and a combination 
of numbness tingling pain in my right upper thigh. 
I do get tingling in my hands and feet too.
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Hi, and welcome to the forum! :)

I recognise some of your symptoms, and I think many of them can be realted to the D-deficiency. (If you read everyone elses lists you'll see that there are some similarities, but also differences - it seems like everyone is bothered by their deficiency in their own personal way, somehow ;) )

And yes, I recognise your feeling of being a shadow of yourself! I'm 30 myself, mother of two, and It's been horrible! At times all I managed to do was get up, get them up, put myself in a chair and keep them safe... But better days will come, I'm sure - hang in there :)

Have you started taking supplements? Give it at least a month before you expect improvement - I've been taking D3 for about a month now, and I'm starting to believe that it's actually working ;)

I hope you feel better soon!

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9na, you're right my baseline level of 20 was 20 ng/mL which must be how the levels are measured in the States -- but chin up many people with levels of 13 have good results with supplements -- I have one friend who had a level of 4 another 9...David, I don't know what to tell you I'm kind of in your situation but not quite as I'm old (61) and have other findings however, my major metabolic finding is low vitamin D. The other metabolic finding is colloid nodules on my thyroid in the presence of normal labs -- I started taking protein supplementation and many of my hyperthyroid symptoms (weight loss, palpitations, heat intolerance, jitteriness) resolved or are resolving. I also have a very bad back (which might account for my walking, balance issues which have improved now that my compressed nerve appears to have healed somewhat) and UBOs (T2 weighted white matter hyperintensities) on a brain MRI (possibly consistent with a history of migraines). So, I don't know if the vitamin D supplementation will cure you but I don't think it can hurt and it certainly will help. Good luck, Phyllis
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