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Journals about epidural

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I'm 27 years old and recently had a baby girl on Aug. 13 2012. I went into Flowers Hosp...
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by Phyllistx, Aug 05, 2012
Had a steriod epidural last week and IVIG 2 days ago.
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I have been living a long time with pain. Life really ***** sometimes. I know this is a l...
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by alexandria_g, Oct 13, 2009
Just as last night, I've lost total sensation in both legs today. I can't feel anyt...
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by Joni686, Sep 09, 2008
Well tomorrow morning I will go to the hospital and get an epidural with nerve blocks and s...
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Longggggggg history of lower back problems. First began about 12 yrs ago, diagnosed by Chi...
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On December 19, I had the long awaited cervical epidural injection. I have to say, it wasn...