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by Bontrac, Aug 02, 2012
1/12/12 Increased Thryroid Medicine from 100mcg to 125 mcg
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Rightio all. Today Wednesday 25th January 2012 at 7:12pm. I think, and thats a massive thin...
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by nikkiprew, Mar 07, 2010
the topimax to 100mg in the morning 100mg at night
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by Linda2962, Apr 06, 2009
My psychatrist increased my lamictal on the 23rd of last month. I wish I could feel any di...
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My last Hemoglobin was 12, My present Dr. immediatley told me to cut out the procrit and in...
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Taking my ribavirin daily now, my insomnia has increased, but by far the worst I experience...