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669 weeks and 4 days
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26.5 lb
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Congratulations! Time for a celebration...
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Wow. Your pg is flying. How are you feeling?
623156 tn?1322865851
Congratulations! Time for a celebration...
Another congrat! Enjoy every minute and you truly are blessed! Best of health to you and your little bundle of joy!.......Jenny
Journals for this Tracker

Sep 24, 2008 - 2 Comments
Thank God, today I did my first u/s at 6 weeks we barely heard a heart beat but thank God we heard it. Out of the 3 embryos transfered only one attached. I had a feeling t...

Aug 27, 2008
3 embryos transferd, praying for healthy babys

Aug 25, 2008
They got 25 eggs, 16 got fertilized.
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