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250.0 lb
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Lost 8.0 lb
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242.0 lb
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160.0 lb
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Goal tracking ended.
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you should use the exercise tracker. it computes calories and such.
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Just a quick note to say hi!
Journals for this Tracker

Apr 27, 2010
I used the elliptical at the new apartments. It was kind of rickety, but stable. Arms a bit shaky, in truth. Legs doing ok. We'll see tomorrow, hah.

Feb 04, 2010
Elliptical for 30 minutes, weight training for another. Didn't weigh in, though.

Jan 20, 2010
Can we add "12+ hour workday" as an event to click to explain strange weight fluctuations or lack of gym attendance? Also, does scooping dog poop count as exe...
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