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Journals about Depression

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by crb1487, Jan 07, 2016
Has snowed heavily the last few days. Watched woodpecker finding bugs from our maple out ...
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by crb1487, Jan 02, 2016
Another day... Another dollar. Nothing new. Pretty foggyish & hard to focus (yet, c...
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by dreaming_ghosty, Dec 28, 2015
i keep forgetting to update this. i feel dull and numb. almost disconnected, not quite. my ...
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by JBull408, Nov 24, 2015
todays been tough.. Not dope sick tough but its been a mentally tough day. Im a strong beli...
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In August 2012, I couldn't catch my breath for 3 straight days. I was so tired from no...
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I'll point this out first: I have HOCD. (Which stands for obsessive compulsive disorder...
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In addition to major depression (and anxiety due to depression), I suffer from ADHD and am ...
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Ive lost everyone ive held closest to me and the person I've loved with all my heart fo...
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by Kaylanna123, Oct 11, 2015
Hey, so, I'm new with this website, and well I guess I should explain why I'm upset...
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by Cristinna, Sep 25, 2015
starting at this,heading to 50 kilos....God help!