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This community is where you can chat with other members about day-to-day issues and topics. This community is not monitored by medical professionals. If you have questions or are in need of support for substance abuse and addiction, please visit our Substance Abuse Addiction Community.

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Blackbeauty7101May 07, 2015
ruthy908Aug 17, 2013
honestIndianApr 01, 2011
TrayCeeAug 27, 2007
retiredrnAug 27, 2007
By crackaddict'swife Blank
I hope someone can help answer my questions... I am so lost as to what to do. Long story short - My husband is a reco...
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Ready2befreeApr 27, 2015
pcagleApr 25, 2015
johnmc963Apr 24, 2015
LaurielueOct 30, 2014
freeatlast842Aug 12, 2013
By NautyOne Blank
Hello Everyone. I am posting this for a friend here that is really struggling. She is thinking of trying Sub. as a ...
9351449 tn?1403924004
ChefsApr 27, 2015
IBKleenApr 14, 2015
By Chefs Blank
Hello everyone. I am not a regular poster but I really enjoy all the conversations and great advice. I was wonderin...
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dominosarahBlankApr 23, 2015
By freebirdlivelife81 Blank
Do uz think these chat rooms really work?
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VICourageousApr 18, 2015
dominosarahBlankApr 18, 2015
motye51Apr 18, 2015
By helplessangel Blank
I saw on the History channel that way back when, Docs were afraid to prescribe pain pills. Then when oxys came out, t...
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NJgirl79Apr 16, 2015
IBKleenMar 17, 2015
weaver71Aug 19, 2012
methadonegirl56Aug 18, 2012
By lizard11 Blank
I've been on methadone maintenance for some time now. As of November 11th of this year it was officially 3 years that...
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jayeyeApr 12, 2015
Krissy_123Apr 11, 2015
Krissy_123Apr 11, 2015
atthebeachApr 11, 2015
atthebeachApr 11, 2015
By jayeye Blank
a few years back somebody posted a pome if thats what you would call it about relating drugs as a chemical friend.......
257844 tn?1191161144
pillguyMar 26, 2015
pillguyMar 26, 2015
asroMar 24, 2015
OhMy444Sep 04, 2007
tzt2ladySep 03, 2007
By navymom525 Blank
hi all. i have been reading on this forum for over a week now and it has been so helpful to me. two weeks ago, i tr...
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my_mayberryMar 24, 2015
chelly1987Mar 23, 2015
Bigdaddy1313Feb 21, 2015
my_mayberryFeb 18, 2015
vicki595Feb 13, 2015
By my_mayberry Blank
Feeling a bit nostalgic tonight. Hello, everyone! Over 2 years of sobriety now... :)
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Heather8448Mar 23, 2015
By BK1012 Blank
Having overwhelming thoughts about using sooooo I am off to throw my kids a surprise St Patrick's Day party for after...
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vicki595Mar 19, 2015
By stilltrying1965 Blank
Iv tried to help myself.but everything is going wrong iny life. I see my drug counciilor once a week. But keep talkin...
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AddictedtoloveMar 16, 2015
By stilltrying1965 Blank
What is life about I don't get it anymore I thik ineed help worried about my moms he has a lump on her b...
10623623 tn?1414295689
NeverAgain127Mar 15, 2015
clean_in_ksMar 04, 2015
atthebeachMar 02, 2015
ActingBrandNewMar 02, 2015
loveandlight05Mar 01, 2015
By loveandlight05 Blank
I know this will be moved to social, but so many people on this forum have helped me, so I wanted you all to read thi...
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otterwatcherMar 08, 2015
weaver71Jan 30, 2015
worried878Jan 29, 2015
vicki595Jan 29, 2015
jugglinJan 29, 2015
By HopeWins Blank
My family has suffered beyond words in dealing with opioid addiction. I am in the midst of grieving the loss of my ad...
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By Colemany Blank
I have a problem with smokeless tobacco an I need help to stop but always I keep wanting to go back, I have no clue w...
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secretfriend123Mar 01, 2015
elatedexaddict13Jul 19, 2013
KLB84Jul 11, 2013
spiderKaneJun 19, 2013
IwillDoThisFeb 04, 2012
By almostfree Blank
I have 30 days off opiates today !! Don't want to offend anyone but i can't resist lmao !! My husband and I are reall...
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savemyselfFeb 25, 2015
julez111Jul 15, 2013
equalizer6837Jul 14, 2013
MamasitaX5Jul 01, 2013
swanyAug 09, 2007
By swany Blank
Hi everyone, I am a 42 mother and nurse. I'm not sure that I'm on the right forum for myself. I was taken off of w...
1551327 tn?1414146344
VICourageousFeb 23, 2015
weaver71Feb 17, 2015
BubulousFeb 17, 2015
CRSeasideFeb 17, 2015
weaver71Feb 17, 2015
By Bubulous Blank
In life we keep finding our way back to the door. They say one door closes and another opens. If this is true then ...
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By LookingUp1980 Blank
I need some motivation. Tell me how much better your life is off of Opiates! PLEASE!
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CRSeasideFeb 16, 2015
By gameface08 Blank
I want to stop the Norco perk and start suboxon I'm scared that suboxen will hurt me I have anxiety bad just need som...
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