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Let's face it; living with thyroid disorders (autoimmune or not) can completely suck! And nobody knows this or truly understands it unless they go through it. This group was created for those who experience the numerous trying symptoms that the thyroid/immune system can throw at us, so we can empathize with one another, and/or share a few tips and tricks to cope.

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Hello everyone! I'm new to this site, but have enjoyed the information so far. Has anyone successfully healed their Hashimotos? I am working on it, but still in the extremely early phase of doing so. I'm doing it blindly and kind of lear...
Scain | Last answer
Has anyone who has be diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease also been diagnosed with benign myokymia, vitamin d deficiency or irritable bladder? Can these be symptoms of this disease?
ELC11 | Last answer
Hi so here is my story about 1 year and 2 months ago I went to my family doctor cause I started to notice the the outer and middle part of my eyebrows falling out and she said she didn't know and she gave me some blood tests, but I don't...
blondfrog | Last answer
While I have endured Hashimoto's for almost 18 long years, I am a tough cookie and have done so with grace, ferocity and continued to do all of the things I enjoy. A few things have happened as I inch up on 40, as well as a recent move t...
Jillian0815 | Posted
Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with Hashi's almost 10 years ago. I had my first child in Oct 2009, my second in May 2011 and my last in May of this year. Each time I go super hyper post partum and was told that I have post partum thy...
a2bc2 | Last answer
hi I am having difficulty going to sleep because I am afraid I am going to die while I sleep because I am not on any medication for my hashimotos because my levels sre good according to my primary care dr but the symptoms im having while...
bri12345 | Posted
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto about 1 1/2 yrs ago...it took YEARS for it to finally get found! Had a thyroid check just one month before I went back in with some bizzare symptoms and did another one and it came back really bad...it fluc...
Breeaa | Last answer
I am curious if anyone else here is suffering from the above?? Thanks... Cara
punkin1515 | Last answer
I'm a 52 yr old female. I've got Hashimotos since I was 29 or 30. I've been on levothyroxine for years. My doctor had me on 375 mcg. of levo over a long period of time. On 2/4/14 my TSH was 0.11. On 3/10/14 my TSH was 0.07. He's dro...
jthoen | Posted
Hey all, I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed with Hyperactive thyroid and Graves 15 months ago when I ended up in the ER with Afib. My TSH was .004 I had Radioactive Iodine 10 months ago and have been on different doses of generic...
Gatsby | Posted
I've had hashimoto's hypothyroiditis for about 5 years. I'm taking synthroid and as a result my TSH has been about 1 (in the normal range) for about 4 years.However, every couple of weeks I get some sort of "attack of symptoms" including...
NY1234 | Last answer
Is there anything I can say to my doctor to make him take me seriously??? After I had my daughter 16 years ago I was feeling soooo tired, frustrated, irritated, and mentally "foggy". Doctors thought because I had a newborn and a 2 year ...
vhills | Last answer
Hello, I just found out that I tested positive for the ANA Blood Test. I am wondering what kind of possible illnesses might fit me. I do feel extreme fatigue throughout the day. When I wake up I feel this weird heavy weighed down feel...
nalakitty | Last answer
I need a Dr. who will prescribe Armour thyroid in the NE part of Kansas. I was diagnosed with Grave's 16 yrs ago and jumped through many hoops. I was left on medications longer than I needed to be, had to do a liver screen to make sure i...
heyyou2 | Posted
Just wondering how common it was to be underweight, and have hypothyroidism?
AnnabelleLee65 | Last answer
I'm new to this website but I've been researching my ailments for the last year and I hope I'm finally getting close to some answers. I am 31 yrs old and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's last year......when put on Synthroid I gained 45lbs ...
Hollymae | Posted
Hello, could someone please share your experiences in dealing with hyperthyroidism and what treatment you chose? Since mid 2008 I was treated with PTU twice for periods of about one year, but unfortunately had short remissions. I am go...
Schlumpfi | Posted
Ok, I'm new to this so here it goes. Approximately 4 years ago I did treatment for Hep C (which is now completely gone). After completing treatment I had extreme exhaustion which my pcp contributed to the 6 months of treatment with int...
donewithfatigue | Posted
Hello. I have had increasing hypothyroid symptoms for almost a year now and am at a loss as to what to do because I feel like I am being ignored. My general doctor and an endocrinologist have dismissed my symptoms because my blood work...
Penguinz68 | Last answer
Can any one give me there opinion on my pathology results.. I had a fna this week and theese were the results.hypercellular specimen with macrophages and colloid.cells show hurthle cell features. features are concerning for follicular n...
rubberthumb | Posted
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