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Cord Blood is the blood that remains in a baby’s umbilical cord after it has been cut and is considered particularly important as it is a rich source of stem cells. Banking cord blood can be used for medical procedures late in life. Discuss topics including cord blood banking and donating.

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I am pregnant with my first child and I would love to know more about the cost and benifits of keeping your childs cord blood?
sam3395 | Last answer
Have any of you looked in to banking your baby's cord blood? My husband and I are looking into it and I would love to hear the thoughts of others. Have any of you had your baby's cord blood collected and stored? If so, what company di...
ChristineMP | Last answer
I really couldnt find a specific category for this, so here it goes. Hello, I have a question regarding the chances of surviving internal bleeding (in the stomach area). So here ´s the thing: my friend who´s been in the hospital for quit...
JohnLarsen | Posted
What is stem cell treatment?
Ankitarastogi | Last answer
Do I have to store cord blood locally and how much per year should I expect to pay for cord blood banking? I found this from one of the doctors on here but doesn't really go into the costs: http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show...
betterhealth4me | Last answer
Just out of curiosity...what's the deal with Cord Blood Banking? Has anyone done it, or does anyone plan on doing it? I keep hearing controversial things about it, and I'm a little confused about why. Also, is it expensive if you DO dec...
Hope2OneDay | Last answer
My 8yr old daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for over 4yrs & I am currently 16weeks pregnant & hoping this baby will not only be a miracle in itself but a life saver for 1 of my daughters, there is also a strong chance this child may fall...
minimone | Last answer
what is the cost of one unit of cord blood India
rafeefar | Posted
Hi Doctor, my wife is in her 22nd week of her pregnancy. We are planning for cord stem and cord blood banking. Could you please advice if it's a right decision and will it be helpful in future. Also my mother had liver cancer for which...
tusar7 | Last answer
What, exactly, is the benefit of cord blood banking? I've read about it generally, but what are some specific uses it has? I tried to donate some when my son was born, but they told me they were overrun with donations and weren't takin...
slightlycosmo | Last answer
Does it cost just to donate cord blood? I am a new mommy to be and this is something I am interested in doing. I don't want to bank it for later, just donate it to a child in need.
amenle89 | Last answer
We are expecting and I keep hearing this thing about core blood and storage. Tell me a little more about it and if you used it what company did you go with and why? It's like dealing with a car salesman everyone is telling you who is th...
troubled_dad_to_be | Last answer
How does the cord blood get stored? How is it used? & How long can it be stored?
Brianna1996 | Last answer
Hi, A sample of cord blood taken during the birth of our daughter was found to be contaminated with the following bacteria: Enterococcus faecalis and Staphylococcus epidermidis. Can a contaminated sample be used after some treatment wi...
reuven111 | Posted
We are still in the stages of TTC and are going to be taking the route of IVF. I wanted to start doing my research though on cord blood banking. I am kind of confused on what benefits there would be with public vs private, can anyone k...
ttcreality | Last answer
I am completely new to this, but we are going to be expecting a child soon and I want to find out more about cord blood before our little one is born. Do I have to use a cord blood bank to store it? What benefits does saving cord blood...
betterhealth4me | Last answer
We are in New Jersey and expecting our first child in Jan 2014. We were thinking of umbilical cord stem cell storage, but it's too expensive in US (Private Bank), around $3000 one time fee and recurring $300 annually. So we were th...
cutewihiteBBB | Last answer
I'm confident about my decision to bank my child's cord blood, however the difficult decision now is where I should do it. A friend was happy with her experience with a private facility, so I may simply use hers, but I wanted to hear/see...
russ774 | Last answer
ima be a mommie soon and i think i want to do this, but i have no idea how to start off can any of you tell me how to do this?
Cookiex15 | Last answer
So if my babies dad brother has lukimia n has to get a stem cell transplant could he just use it right away or would it cost a fortune for us to let him use our sons cord blood stem cells rather then a random persons?? Like do we pay a w...
star0212 | Last answer
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