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Questions in the Heart Rhythm forum cover topics that include heart rhythm issues, arrhythmia, irregular heartbeat, implanted defibrillators, pacemakers, and tachycardia.

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kotra87Apr 21
Im2gr84uAug 22, 2012
ewriterJun 29, 2011
AngelmurphyApr 07, 2010
By tfgbkent Blank
I am a 33yo male. For the last 6 months or so I have regularly felt strong pulses around my body, ranging from my rig...
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Flgrl75Jan 13
Mami63Jan 27, 2015
PeterCardioAug 09, 2014
Everett1933Apr 26, 2010
MawaDec 02, 2007
By Robb S Blank
I am quite certain that my periodic arrhythmia is caused by my vagus nerve getting stimulated in my abdomen region. ...
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aom28Feb 20, 2015
scouser costa ricaNov 11, 2007
tgerman1029Nov 09, 2007
scouser costa ricaNov 08, 2007
googlybearNov 05, 2007
By tgerman1029 Blank
I´m a 36 year old male that is having episodes of tachycardia. I am a cyclist and up until a couple of years ago I w...
577754 tn?1217639910
boulboulFeb 18, 2015
sasha11487Sep 08, 2014
willie5568Dec 16, 2011
kat4Aug 25, 2008
angeldkAug 24, 2008
By angeldk Blank
I'm a 23 year old healthy female normal b/p and hr, normal echo and exam. About 2 months ago I began to have periods ...
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BPV1Nov 25, 2014
vikram9562Nov 23, 2014
Koregol Prabhakar, MD Jan 09, 2012
By DPM111 Blank
I am fairly deconditioned and sedentary, a retired person in his mid 50s who works at a computer a lot. A few years ...
246577 tn?1202741376
SusanBotAug 13, 2014
chrishay92679Jun 11, 2013
cecedollAug 28, 2011
krishna815Jul 03, 2011
js555Dec 21, 2010
By pg1949 Blank
I've had SVT for several years, but ended up in the ER this week and had to be converted. My doctor has offered the ...
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accountingJul 08, 2014
marlinspikeMay 08, 2014
Joseph Sclafani, M.D. May 07, 2014
By accounting Blank
Hello, When my heart has low beats per minute (resting), it gets the rhythm what I describe "BEAT-beat [pause] BEA...
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Joseph Sclafani, M.D. Jun 09, 2014
By lditomma Blank
Hi there, I have been wondering for some time as to why I struggle to catch my breath. 10 months ago, I was fir...
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tickertockMay 19, 2014
choice1984May 17, 2014
Joseph Sclafani, M.D. May 17, 2014
By choice1984 Blank
hi im a posting for help to understand my test results from my 24 hour holter moniter my doctor oreded it because ive...
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villandraMay 08, 2014
tom_hMar 04, 2014
Joseph Sclafani, M.D. Mar 03, 2014
prettyliliesFeb 23, 2014
By tom007 Blank
Due to anxiety issues - have been given lectopam (bromazepam) recently to use on demand. Recently did a 24 hr holter ...
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Joseph Sclafani, M.D. Apr 27, 2014
By DT9954 Blank
I've been under a lot of stress for a couple of weeks with work and juggling some studying/coursework outside of wo...
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Maria_Rose1224Apr 04, 2014
Zaid_Mousa1979Mar 31, 2014
kyreaMar 21, 2014
Joseph Sclafani, M.D. Mar 31, 2014
By Zaid_Mousa1979 Blank
Dear Doctor; iam 34 yrs old and before two weeks ago i got irregular heart palpation reach 234 rate per minute; this...
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tickertockFeb 04, 2014
By MLouiseC Blank
Similar to some of the other patients on here, I too had NSVT on a holter monitor. My heart is structurally normal a...
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Joseph Sclafani, M.D. Mar 19, 2014
By Toby36 Blank
I'm getting a tooth fixed tomorrow, I take 50mg of atenolol each morning at 7:30 am and my appointment is at 10:15, i...
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Joseph Sclafani, M.D. Mar 19, 2014
By ross997 Blank
I am a recently qualified gym instructor, and currently studying to be a personal trainer. As a part of my course, I ...
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Roxcrm19715Mar 16, 2014
TOZ6Jun 26, 2012
kareneeMay 05, 2012
Sajad_arSep 22, 2009
Sajad_arSep 22, 2009
By Michael11977 Blank
I have had fequent heart palpitations for about a year and a half mostly while sleeping. I have had a picture taken ...
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davidcMar 16, 2014
davidcMar 14, 2014
tom_hMar 13, 2014
carrottop7Mar 10, 2014
By davidc Blank
I am a 53 yo man diagnosed ~8 years ago with lone paroxysmal atrial flutter and afib. Long term history of endurance ...
485004 tn?1269203528
Michaella1980Mar 04, 2014
hyperrApr 20, 2008
upbeat633Apr 20, 2008
LukeLApr 20, 2008
hyperrApr 19, 2008
By hyperr Blank
about 6 weeks ago my heart started throwing pvcs....on and off until now....there here all the time. i got an echo......
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alejandradrMar 02, 2014
Joseph Sclafani, M.D. Mar 03, 2014
By footinmouth Blank
I am a 30 year old woman. In 2011 I had a fainting spell, and was tKen to the ER. I was admitted to the hospital beca...
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tscoFeb 25, 2014
prettyliliesFeb 24, 2014
tscoJan 30, 2014
tscoJan 25, 2014
By tsco Blank
I started with svt then gained a flutter then afib. I have had three right ablations, scheduled for my first left atr...
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