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This patient support community is for discussions relating to breast feeding, childhood disease, colic, child discipline, immunization, lactation, newborn care, post partum depression, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and special needs children.

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LadyFeezy5 hours
KimmyWorldLLCAug 06, 2010
Hopeful_1Sep 13, 2004
sm8Sep 13, 2004
By IHopeThisNameAintTaken Blank
I have bad menstrual cramps every month, and I also have a plentiful supply of Bentyl in my house. I know Bentyl is ...
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By tipptipp277
Ok so when I go to the restroom and I'm patting my self I hear and fill something like trapped air under or inside th...
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650113 hours
mariposa_uyMar 18, 2009
snbOct 20, 2006
Sunshine912Oct 20, 2006
starymistOct 20, 2006
By snb Blank
i posted this on one of the other forums:Not sure where to start but need some advice/info on what's probable cause o...
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Lucky0616Jul 26
suphyerAug 04, 2014
drkmAug 03, 2014
sonu35Aug 12, 2010
By Beam11 Blank
I have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now. I have been off birth control for that long.. i had my peri...
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RockRoseJul 26
SlmarzanJul 26
By ConfusedAsh
My oldest son is almost 10. I didn't find out I was pregnant until 8 months along. I had him 3 weeks after I found ou...
151154 tn?1208134182
jenstamJun 23, 2007
Pamed34Jun 23, 2007
Van73Jun 23, 2007
DarkestlightJun 23, 2007
lovethebopsJun 23, 2007
By lynne1276 Blank
Good morning girls! (or afternoon depending on where you are) Quick question for you. I am somwhere around 32-34...
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stephnewmomJun 26, 2007
DarkestlightJun 22, 2007
jenstamJun 22, 2007
By stephnewmom Blank
hi all.. My blood pressure has been in the low to very low since I have been pregnant. The only thing is I don't real...
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j2113Jun 09
j2113Jun 09
j2113Jun 09
By j2113
Gave birth 3 weeks ago and I'm not really bleeding anymore but I still use pads and everytime I use the restroom I ge...
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Smac98Jul 21
sashakittyJul 05, 2004
lovinmomJul 01, 2004
SlyDJul 01, 2004
lovinmomJul 01, 2004
By SlyD Blank
Has anyone had strange reactions to the progesterone/sesame oil shots? I went through IVF with the transfer taking p...
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BreeLee77Apr 14
jord16Feb 21, 2012
momma2428Dec 05, 2011
By talele Blank
My daughter is 3 years old. once a couple of months, she wakes up screaming in pain. she says her foot hurts ! . last...
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By hannahpalindrome
So I've started my period 7 weeks postpartum. The odd thing is though, is it's been brown and not just when it's drie...
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daughterofsamJun 18, 2013
daughterofsamJun 18, 2013
RockRoseJun 10, 2013
specialmomJun 10, 2013
By daughterofsam Blank
My daughter is going to be 5 in august.she shows no interest in potty training,and never tells us when she pees or po...
10977026 tn?1414368903
By Puhkin2
My daughter is a week old and she was born with a little bruise on her left eye and red on both rims of her iris the ...
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shamusladJul 07, 2012
ElizDOct 11, 2007
RT4111Oct 11, 2007
ImmortalOneOct 11, 2007
By Sandfire Blank
I am a recently divorced man and the primary parent of our 11 year old son. During his overnight visitations with h...
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By TyjaeLynne
I had my second c-section 3 months ago. I just had my first period to follow my pregnancy 2 weeks ago. However, for t...
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Cherrie98Feb 10, 2011
decogrlFeb 28, 2008
drikaFeb 28, 2008
ElicamFeb 19, 2008
My boyfriend is full mexican and has long curly black hair and darkish tan skin, While im full white and have green/...
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ladykaos7Jul 02
Sharr23Feb 28
By Leabellallee
5 days PP and feel like death. I had an episiotomy and also got hemorrhoids while pushing. It hurts to move so much. ...
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By muggle7
Hi there , this is my first pregnancy and im wondering what do you do after delivery to reduce your tummy and what di...
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Trinaw1983Aug 15, 2012
omgbeckyApr 23, 2012
mycdhifeAug 17, 2010
By dadu Blank
Anyone out there have or had a baby with this birth defect? My daughter is pregnant with her first an sthe baby has a...
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NzeiJun 30
linalinkoJun 18
babymom77Jun 18
By MyTwist
Has anyone tried the post pregnancy wraps after delivery?
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