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This patient support community is for discussions relating to breast feeding, childhood disease, colic, child discipline, immunization, lactation, newborn care, post partum depression, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and special needs children.

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mommmy228 hours
wantingtobepgMay 30, 2006
first time mamaMay 30, 2006
kelyMay 30, 2006
kelyMay 30, 2006
By kely Blank
Yesterday i took a pregnancy test because i am two weeks late and it came out positive. the baby's father and i have...
6763424 tn?1426258708
By brieanna2118
Hello my daughter has a line of wells on her left leg and they are good enough to see but Noe small and the area arou...
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ChelsbelsAug 16
leviblackAug 16
ChelsbelsAug 16
leviblackAug 16
By Chelsbels
I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a week ago but I already want another baby... Has anyone else felt that wa...
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babyprayersNov 08, 2006
nallaNov 08, 2006
deanne11Nov 08, 2006
By kibbler Blank
Has anyone ever experienced a cold when they are very first pregnant? AF is supposed to visit on 11-14. I have a real...
179055 tn?1189759429
Mick45Aug 16
MaMaCortJul 31, 2013
MaMaCortJul 31, 2013
maryleejJul 29, 2013
oops1013Jun 08, 2007
By JTSHB Blank
Hey All, Not sure, but lately I have been very anxious feeling....I guess kind of like I'm going to have panic att...
177988 tn?1266802499
RockRoseAug 14
Jamie_w81Aug 14
daddyindurbanAug 20, 2010
nikkicole827May 08, 2008
tiredbuthappyMay 07, 2008
By nikkicole827 Blank
I'm freaking out. I was at a friends tonight and she gave my 8 month old some cheerios (with my permission). Well m...
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ALSYAug 14
ALSYAug 14
ALSYAug 14
ALSYAug 14
ALSYAug 14
By Gili Blank
Hi, I got this really annoying itchy rash 2 weeks after giving birth vaginally to my daughter. medicine and sarna lo...
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By brenner Blank
I had an ultrasound yesterday, I'm 5w3d pregnant, my hcg levels are rising normally, but they didn't see anything on ...
Avatar n tn
By marje Blank
I'm looking for the name of the drug that was prescribed for anti-nausea in pregnancy in the 70's and 80's that was s...
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Tina6633Aug 11
edurbinMay 16
MegOsakJul 17, 2015
SaraMartinMay 31, 2013
ExcitedinBaltimoreNov 10, 2011
By sweetgirldee_73 Blank
Last year I had an ablation of the lining of my uterus. The dr. told me that I could'nt get pregnant. Over a year lat...
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By momi Blank
Is it possible to become pregnant after having your tubes tied?
639543 tn?1297031234
AnnemercJun 16, 2015
momsbonkersApr 13, 2014
charnieeeSep 25, 2012
rac1234Jul 13, 2012
By Kimberlee_20 Blank
My son is 2 months old tomorrow, for a while we've noticed that Dameon easily bruises. He bruised when I lifted his l...
Avatar n tn
By RobWillsMom Blank
Have any you experienced pain after c-section - I'm talking about TWO YEARS later. My child will be 2 later this mon...
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NkamzeeNov 04, 2015
MamanryanMay 23, 2014
By Petra1 Blank
I was 11 weeks preg when I had a miscarriage at the beginning of Feb. They found out that I was expecting twins (no h...
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lucie27Jul 31
Tia2015Jul 31
lucie27Jul 31
hkjenJul 31
EmaleeJoyJul 31
By Tia2015
My daughter is 8 month olds and ever since a week after i had her i have had nothing but problems going to the toilet...
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LadyFeezyJul 27
KimmyWorldLLCAug 06, 2010
Hopeful_1Sep 13, 2004
sm8Sep 13, 2004
By IHopeThisNameAintTaken Blank
I have bad menstrual cramps every month, and I also have a plentiful supply of Bentyl in my house. I know Bentyl is ...
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By tipptipp277
Ok so when I go to the restroom and I'm patting my self I hear and fill something like trapped air under or inside th...
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6501Jul 27
mariposa_uyMar 18, 2009
snbOct 20, 2006
Sunshine912Oct 20, 2006
starymistOct 20, 2006
By snb Blank
i posted this on one of the other forums:Not sure where to start but need some advice/info on what's probable cause o...
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Lucky0616Jul 26
suphyerAug 04, 2014
drkmAug 03, 2014
sonu35Aug 12, 2010
By Beam11 Blank
I have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now. I have been off birth control for that long.. i had my peri...
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harini33Oct 22, 2015
ale123peJul 05, 2013
hailey317Apr 25, 2012
nun00Nov 23, 2009
fruiczNov 17, 2009
By fruicz Blank
I have to have a laparoscopy for an ectopic pregnancy but i have to wait two weeks due to waiting lists frie...
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