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This patient support community is for discussions relating to orthopedics, back pain, bone or joint pain, broken bones, hip or knee replacement, neck and shoulder pain, orthopedic surgery, spinal injury, sports injury, and tennis elbow.

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By mariewalhalla
I had a MRI done. I am in severe pain and need to know if the results can clairfy it for me . Here is my results. Tha...
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By Kimberlyreid777
Hi I just had a recent Mri done due to lower back pain. I already have cervical spinal stenosis with bone spurs. The ...
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VokurekFeb 28
Boon001Sep 22, 2015
By pkarmy76 Blank
I am hoping and praying someone can give me some much needed advice. About a year ago I started to notice my wrist hu...
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By transposon
Male Healthy 34 years old 2 weeks ago, I broke my left ulna after a fall while weightlifting. My arm struck the ...
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rfevApr 01
mueller89Feb 07, 2014
richard04401Aug 10, 2012
jill1205Jul 20, 2011
By dustybrown Blank
I first placed this in the Arthritis community because I wasn't sure where to put it because it is an arthritis topic...
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By giorgi123
Hello, I have left outer knee pain when I try to pistol at about 45 degree squat and push weight and stretch knee out...
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TuckamoreNov 13, 2015
Alana4263Nov 13, 2015
no90Apr 08, 2013
By angierene Blank
I went ice skating with my boyfriend and I fell straight on my butt. At first it hurt a little but the next day was w...
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Hello, I just was walking but I got problem in my ankle, I didn't care for it , I continue normal life, after a mo...
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Anon03Apr 06
AneesakJan 19
flea999Apr 10, 2015
parker694Jan 08, 2013
markdogSep 18, 2012
By irishlass0113 Blank
Has anyone had spinal fusion surgery removed, Or is there anyone that has a spinal brace fitted or anyone contemplati...
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By Piu690
I am having a back pain in right side thoracking region for last 6 month.done MRI of thorax which comes normal.ultras...
Avatar m tn
By sajjad2500
My Child day couple of days ago while walking at home hit by sofa and when doctor took x-ray we found that there is a...
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Jade59Apr 04
By sunshine991
I am not able to pull your foot towards my body. when walking and you pick your foot up off ground it just dangles. A...
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drewrooApr 04
By Phillips1984
For almost 9 months i have been suffering with an almost constant aching in my right shoulder. It came on with no rea...
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By Amberreyes95
Hello, I am a 20 year old female. I would consider myself pretty healthy and active since I was kid but I have ha...
Avatar f tn
By Amberreyes95
Hello, I am a 20 year old female. I would consider myself pretty healthy and active since I was kid but I have had...
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WinnersNeverQuitOct 14, 2015
DkotJun 28, 2015
TuapiroMay 30, 2015
GiantBlue76May 08, 2015
By imq Blank
I had surgery done on my broken pinky finger on January 1, 2008, which I broke while playing football, and I was in t...
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mpower338Apr 03
MiautowneJan 02
GoatusNov 24, 2015
Celine65Sep 22, 2015
By flatpik Blank
I broke my collar bone on April 4 and had the surgery to repair it on April 20. The Doc gave me a nice plate with ni...
Avatar m tn
By catsarekewl
Hi, Long story short, I recently broke my middle finger. In the process, I had an x-ray of my hand, and I saw an O...
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By livingstone1
Every night I am awakened by intense pain/discomfort in both legs. Try turning position & stretching legs, eases sli...
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By Kanwaljitsingh
Hii!!!I am kanwal nd i,m 15y old boy actually i have knees problem and i think ut causes from doing masturbation plz ...
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