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I have been a lurked on here for almost 2 months now.
I decided to join and Thank Everyone on here.  Because of all the post of going off opiates CT or tapering, I finally decided to start tapering and jumping off the opiates my pain managment had me on.

Let me first say I NEVER abused any of my med, NEVER got them other my RX from my doctor.
I NEVER ran out early and even sometimgs had a few left each month.
You are most likely wondering why I am on an addiction site then....
Well I was always afraid might become addicted to my meds due to knowing so many addicks who started on meds for pain like I did. Just scared it might happen to me but thank god I didn't. I didn't know a lot about addiction until I found this ditte. And I was a nurse for years ( RN ) until I become disabled.
I have a lot of back issues along with arthritis RA and fibromyalgia .  I am also bipolar and suffer from sever panic attacks.
Just a little background of myself.

I was taking Oxy CR 30mg twice a day and 6-8 Hydro (norco) 10/325 a day. Along with my other meds mostlly non addictive.

Because of all of your courage strenght and with the support from everyone on this site.
You over come your addiction and are workng everyday to stay clean
I knew then if all of you could do it with an addiction an I was just dependant on my med

I could do it too !

So on Feb 9th I stopped my Oxys CT but was still taking my hydros.
It was kind of rough for 3-4 days, had sweats, chills, RLS BAD and I already suffer from RLS without withdrawls. So it wasn't fun.... Along with the otber witbdrawl symptons except no bathroom issues? But i do have IBS with constipation and take meds for that.Fallowef alot of the Thomas Recipe. And I also take Xanax for panic and those helped.
Then about 5 days or so I tapered to 4 hydros
Then 5 days or so down to 2 a day
Then again about 5 days or so only one
Them just jumped off!!!
Withdrawal very minimal.
Thank god. See my husband is an owner/operator over the road truck driver and I the simi with him and our 3 dogs... LOL so I wanted to taper so it would be much easier
And It was very do able
I would suggest others to taper if then can even if you have to have someone hold them and give them to you.
I didn't have to do that. I just stuck to my plan but I do understand some can't do it.

Sorry so long but I wanted to tell my story hoping it just might help someone.
And say THANK YOU!!!!! All of your storiies got me thru!!!
Was taking opiates for 3 years everyday and on and off for 10 years or so
Oh amd I do have Lyrics I take for my fibro and IMO it really helped with the withdrawals.
But be careful if you take it because if you take it long and stop you will have withdrawals. I have stopped Lyrica a few times and don't fell good a couple days and always puck first 2 day. But everyone is different.

I now have 45 days or so off Oxys and 8 days off Hydro

YES !!!!
If I can do it anyone can!!

Bless You Woundedful!!!!!
Your AWSOME People

Sorry so long and please excuse amy typos , I am on my IPhone in the bunk of a simi going down the interstate!!!! LOL

Then 5 days later  
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Hello and welcome to the forum,
Congratulations on your 45 days and kudos to your self control.  I don't hear maany stories like that but I heard something in recovery that I have been trying to prove to myself and perhaps this makes it a little more true.  A therapist told mme that there was an addiction gene that gets past down through generations and if you don't have it you will not become and addict.  I don't know that it is true because I mostly talk to addicts and the ones that are not hooked on there medicine usually don't come on here because they are managing their medicine and when they come off they work with their doctor.
It is also shocking to hear that you are bipolar and you didn't have a hard time coming off of them.  I am too and when I get clean my mood gets out of control.
Anyway that is a very interesting post to me and I like gathering as much knowledge about addiction and like I said I really want to see proof of the genetic thing so perhaps this will help.
Thank you for your kind words.

Your welcome Larry
And thanks for the congrats
I would like to hang around this fourm and offer support to others even though I didn't have an addiction if everyone is ok with that?
I have read so many post that I feel like I know a lot of yiun
Oh and as fir the addiction gene I don't know?
No one in my family was addicks however I found out my 27 year old daughter is doing all knnd of drugs and she jet vanishes when she does this. She was clean fir 9 months and now back to it an I haven't heard from her in over a month
I too am trying to learn everything I can about addiction
Oh but my daughters fathers family has slit of either heavy drinkers or adicks so maybe the gene thing is true and she got it from her fathers side???
Wow that was gooooood...Such a inspiration for us here to know that we can help many out there that we are not aware of lurking around because they will not come in...I am just sooo pleased at this post you just did..I have been clean from 3 meds since Sept..I went c/t and now I do push the taper..I have changed my mind on alot of issues because of this site...
Great Job trucker..What a gal..And a strong and powerful one at that...
You just proved even more that this site does help alot...We have them come and go..Even wonder if they are still alive...I love your name...
So now you can stay and help the next person who comes along...
God Bless you for the Blessing of encouragement...
Feel free to stick around.  There are not a lot of things that you will be able to relate to but I am sure you have something to offer.  Everyone contributes in their own way and we need everyone here.  You can also go onto the bipolar and depression forums for information and to offer some advice and support that you may have learned.
I will find out someday about the gene thing and if it is true it will be a great thing to know.
Hi again I just was writeing this when you came in..I study the "Disease of Addiction and the Pleasures Pathway" it is some great info and is saving my a***s today..Of course My God comes first and the meeitngs are there too..Yes you hang in...You are too good not tooo...
I am really glad you came on and posted.  It is nice to see we have helped others.  I hope your daughter finds her way.  It is tough to watch our kids go down a bad path.  Please stick around here and keep posting!
thank you for that inspirational post!  and welcome to the forum!  stick around we can all help each other!  congrats on your clean time!  that's so great!!  
Thanks soooo much guys!
It is your kindness and caring that really helped me thru my withdrawals!!!

I would read post after post and it helped more then anything

I heard a lot of people talking about rebound pain and it is so true. I had it at first really bad,  not sure if it was my brain wanting pills???
But you know my pain seems to not be as bad now that am off the opiates?
I am trying to manage it in other ways

My husband is Wonderful
At night or when we stop f I am having pain or espically a flair up of my fibro he always massages the ares that hurt an sometimes just massages everything until I relax an fall asleep
I honestly don't know what I would do without him
He was so understanding when I was sick with withdrawals and so understanding when I was mean and short with him when I didn't feel good
I am just so blessed to have an understanding husband. He was so worried when I was on all the opiates because I wasn't hungry very much and I lost a LOT of weight, but I really did need to loose the weight just not like that.
Again thanks for all the warm welcomed
I am up crazy hours with all this traveling and weird delivery hours so maybe I can at least off support to those on here when it's slow. Until more experienced people come on.
It's ok.  When you do that all you have to do is go to the upper right hand corner and hover over report then click duplicate and it should be erased.
OH there is nothing more then having a good caring and supportive Husband..I also have my mom who lives on my property..I have a step-dad in town and a real dad 45 min away..They have all been my cheerleaders..Do you two ever go up 95 to Canada..I live in Sandpoint Id 50 miles S from Canada..Right next door to Montana & Spokane Wa...
That is funny you named yourself Trucker because, I always say " Keep on Truckin and Do not look back." .Now you can come u with a trucker saying..
Well are you on the raod again or what??? Be safe..come on back..
This gives me hope!! Ty so much!
Ha ha Vickie. I have seen you say that a lot. LOL
Yes we are on the road right now. We pretty much live in our truck, we have a 5 acre hobby farm in Ozark Mts of Missouri but when nubby bought another truck I just couldn't take care of the animals alone. So got them all new homes and I went back on the road with him and have our 3 dogs with us on the road. LOL
We are out on road about a month or two then take 3-4 days home times and sometimes not at home sometimes other places like family etc..
We don't get out west too often but sometimes do, will keep you in mind.
We are heads to lake Huron Michigan now...  In illnous now. Stopping for awhile get shower. Some food an sleep them back out.. Crazy hours out here. Lol. Will be on the computer later then van type better...LOL
Will be safe thanks. Should be back on later sometime tonige or thru out the nite or early morning.
Love chatting with all of you
Keep up the awsome job you guys are a real insperation !!
Trucker Trucker come back how are you???You need to keep in touch. Let us know how many days or months you got going..This well bump it up front again...Come on back and jump in to help others OK...
God Bless U and your Hub....
VIC congrats on ur 6 months such a huge accomplishment
Hey guys back now. I usually forget to log off. LOL sorry
Weird hours out here yesterday and this morning.

I am still doing good but do have a question.
I will put it in this post unless anyone thinks I should start a new one.

I have cronic (chronic) back pain and Fibro, which to seem to be the main pain issues.
I do take Lyrica which helps with the Fibro most of the time unless I have a bad flare up. ( and i dont like to aje it everyday if i dont have to because you usually have withdrawal not too bad but yet no fun) and I am having a bad flare up today with being up by Canada border in Northern Michigan.
Is there anything OTC that might help?  Hot baths help me a lot but kinda hard to do being in the truck all the time.. LOL

Thanks any infor would be greatly helpful.
Oh an I gave already tried other RX like Gaba and Cymbalta which didn't work or made me sick.

Hope everyone having a good day... Keep up the great job guys. Your not only fighting your own demons your helping more people out here then you realize .. It's because of ALL of you that I was able to become opiate free !!!!
Just wanted to Bump this to the front page so everyone see it.

All of you guys help more people then you realize.
Like I said it was you who helped me decide to get off all my opiates.

And you helped me when I was going thru withdrawal from the Oxyconti
An I still read all your post during my taper.
You gave the courage to keep on going and forget how bad I felt at the moment.
I would read post after post old and new all hours of the nite when I couldn't sleep.

All of you are truly a Blessing from above!!!!

I thank you!

Hi Mrs Trucker ...Thanks for the invite...& PM..I sure will keep you in mind on the nigths I need to talk to someone..I bet the hub has a smile on his face...You have most likely taught him alot about addiction reading this to him...I can just see you guys now...We are keeping you entertained..And this is some HOT information for you and your schooling..What you read out of a book and what you read from people with the experience could be somwhat different...AHHHHH !!!!!!! Where are you now? What time is it?
Hang in my lil ol trucker mama...
I am not sure about meds that would help with that but I wanted to say hi and bring this post current again.

Vic "10-4 good buddy, what's your 20"
Great, inspirational story Truckerwife!!
This community got me through some very hard days and nights. I just read for a few days at first, didn't feel much like socializing, even on a computer. Any positive story's are always great. They gave me hope when I had none.
Be safe out there.
Sounds kinda like me at first but I lurked for almost then when I was done with the mess I joined to thank everyone and offer any support to anyone I can help!

Thanks we'll be safe

Hey girl
Just seen this sorry.

We were in northern Michigan by Canada border.
Then dead head to Wabash Indiand drop an hook now heading to Kansas City Kansas but trying to T-call in St. Louis Missouri  ( drop load for anoher driver to run on in) pick up another load that will get us to our tiny town in Ozarks Missouri so I can do a flyby an pick up my Bipolar scripts at our lil hometown pharmacy... LOL
Don't wanna run outta them one is anti-seizure med ( hubby calls them " my do not kill pills" LOL
With my bipolar if I am not on my meds I go from sweet one minute to gonna rip your head off just for lookin at me ! Then back to sweet as pie!!
It's crazy don't understand it, I am a nice person so don't know why I get mean???
Oh well
After the flyby our town don't know where we are gong
Will post for ya when I know. K

Time for the time here it's about 2:20pm still on eastern time will be on central time pretty soon
In Terre Haute Indians getting ready to cross over into Illiinois!!
Gets crazy out here hut fun

And yes I agree I can learn a LOT from real people with real experience. Books jet don't cut it sometes.
You guys are not jet an insperation your a great asset for me to learn from
I LOVE to make new friends all over the USA
Just got to see an old friend of mine that I met when I lived in Houston Texas. She moved back to her old hometown in Michigan and we were gong right by her so we did a flyby for a few minutes to see her!
Jet wish I had more time. Sometimes we do sometimes jet a flyby, but better then nothng. Her and I hadn't seen each other in 4 years!!

Have friends all over. I feel very blessd to have them!!!

Take care an keep up the good job
Your gong Great!!!!!!!

I just want as many on here to know how much you help others with your stories. It is hope for everyone either an addick or just dependabt like I was.
And either clean or trying to get clean

I'm gonna send you a friends request if that's ok.

Take care
I feel like I already know most of you guys. LOL

Oh yeah our 20 is Marshall Illinois. LOL

Thanks so much!
I am here to offer my support to anyone I can maybe help.
AND to learn as much as I can from all of you about addiction for a couple reasons.
Number one my daughter. She is an addick she had 8-9 months clean a wonderful boyfriend who cared for her very much.
But ...
She left that town and went back to her old friends and old ways.
Homeless staying from friend to friend who knows what.
Haven't heard from her in couple months

Second reason I am finishing my masters degree in counseling and now what to specialize in addiction also.

Keep up the great job yoour doing. I have followed some of your journey.
Feel like I already know you... LOL

Take care
Trucker, Trucker 10-4 where are You now?? Hey you can be a traveling counsel..Go and help the lizzard lot girls..Ha! Just kidding.Well maybe not..Get a big drum and walk around with it..I watch the westerns and they go into the Bars..What are they Called??? You know I have been around docotrs in my career and it seems like they all like we are Bipolar...The brain needs vit/min to built up the happy transmitter too..You know the brain thing...Lots of water too..I just read that the brain is over half H2O..or something like that..I am still reading this one..Ok you keep up the great work..Let me know what time it is and where u r..Hey I thought you were going to post a new one regarding some help with the fibro???
Be safe..Watch out for the under the influence drivers out there !!!
Morning Vic

Haha about the "Lot Lizzard" therapy!! LMAO
Ya know one time when I was on the road with hubby after we first met one banged on the side of the truck an woke us up. Of course not expecting a woman to come to the window.. LOL
Now she was really young and cute.
I DID proceed to talk to her about what she was doing and what could and would happen to her if she continued doing what she was doing
I told her how mucdh better she was then that and about places that could help her out. Not sure why she did with the advice but at least I did let her know she had options!!!
Guess that's just me, always tryin to help someone...

Anyway slept thru the nite was great. But still no relief from the Fibro Flareup
Was waiting on posting didn't want to take up anyones time when others with more important issues at hand needing help.
But think I'm gonna have to give n.  Gonna be in Kansas City early this morning when I know where we are headed after that will post..

Always way hong out for the undernfluancers out here ( was hat even a word???) boy I got Fibro Gog Bad today.... LOL

Copy on our 20, central Missouri
Gonna back on out for now.
Smokeys and Popos every where and all chicken coops open, and loaded to max 80,000 lbs so hoping on makng good time considering..

Thanks will be safe,
Alls under control our black lab is. Co Piolet this morning. Or should I say she our bird dog!!! LOL
Others two little dohgies are back here in bed with me.

Check in later

Have a good one girl
Keep up the good work.

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