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Hi i can't believe i've gotten this far, this time last year i was in the gutter big time lost my kids and everything but here i am feeli...
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When I left detox last week for fentanyl abuse the doc gave me a script for Trazodone(50mg/tab). It is to help you sleep and not suppose...
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Hi i am new here and i would really like some advice and support, i have been addicted to vicodin for a yr, ever since i had a csect with...
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Well, I am still here! I am cautiously optimistic! I do feel a little, and I mean a little better! My feet seem fine now! I've been takin...
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Hello everyone. Well it's day 8 of no tramadol, cold turkey . I have been taking it for years, about 500 mg daily. Not my first time comi...
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just did a 3 day detox in a hospital from oxy they gave me methadoe today is day 5 why am i not feeling better
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I come on here today because I'm at a loss for words. I can't concentrate, I can't meditate, I'm having trouble working.....On Saturday ...
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Good day, finally I found a forum where I can just express the way I am feeling. I am not sure of whether I should call myself an addict ...
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Hey everyone, Just thought I would give a little update of my use of Vitadone. I read many different posts and reviews online about Vitad...
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Hello! I haven't really posted much on here lately. I wanted to stop by and let you all know on October 10th I was clean for 1 year. Its ...
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I have been on Tramadol for 5 weeks due to double knee replacement pain. I tried to stop it cold turkey and had horrible withdrawal symp...
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Hello, everyone...I am detoxing off tramadol, 500mg daily. This is not my first, however, my first cold turkey and i am on day 2. I alway...
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dominosarah has been a Community Leader in this forum, helping others get advice and support for addiction and substance abuse, for 7 yea...
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actually i've been using marijuana since last 8 months or so n am finding difficulty in stopping it.its bcum a daily routine 4 me i hav a...
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Hi, I have tried cocaine many times, but only in the last month or so have I been using it very frequently. The rear part of my nose ...
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Hi I've been suffering from severe eye pain and my pain control is not working well enough. I'm currently on Dihydrocodeine 30 mg 6 ti...
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My bf has been on methadone for his heroin addiction for a little over a year, but for the last 4 months we have not had sex (and rarely ...
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Ok here goes nothing and everything! Back in 2004 I was ejected out the turret of my crews High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HM...
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This is the first time that I am posting this. I am drug dependant. I have been for a few years. I need help - I feel as if I can't ta...
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My Dr just prescribed me this medication for back spasms. Are they Euphoric as in get me high to the point of abusive traits? SInce I jus...
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