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First of all, it's not for a lack of caring and effort from the volunteer CLs and all the other (mostly) ladies that post regularly. You all helped me tremendously way back when, and I've always held the folks in this forum in high regar...
Ben727 | Last answer
Well haven't posted in a couple weeks, been busy with the holidays (things were good this holidays so naturally I though "hey 1 pill won't matter, you deserve it"). Though I never did so happy about that. Told my sponsor about it, i was ...
Madmax88 | Last answer
I have been on oxycodone for along time . I have had cancer for the last 3 years which I had my clean scan 2 months ago.. I had to stop this medication. I bought some Elimidrol and it worked great for me. I feel good and getting my energ...
amanda419 | Last answer
I've been taking Norco 10's for about 3 years now, and I am now at the highest I have been ever, taking 6 to 8 a day. I don't even know if the original back injury I started taking them for even exists, they have just become a way of lif...
hockeyguy83 | Last answer
Hello. Not 'substance abuse' but I have to post this somewhere. Can anyone give me the 'duration of action' of Tranxene, specifically Tranxene vs. diazepam ? Not half life, but 'duration of action'. Also, what are the subjectiv...
SBex | Last comment
Hi everyone, some may remember me form a few years ago. I have worked really hard to get off this medication. I've done a very slow taper. Yesterday I went from 2 tabs a day to 1 a day. I'm not feeling too great. Had tummy problems all d...
sweatinit | Last answer
Well, I had no choice to get on it, or face certain relapse after relapse. I got on it at the end of April, starting at only 15mg, wasnt holding mesteady till I get up to 60mg, I've been on that dose since maybe July, I havent touched a ...
stilltlrforlife | Last answer
Today I am 12 days clean of methadone and 7 no oxy... Today has been a real struggle I feel horrible. Today has been the worst yet. I'm exhausted my body aches I have hot and cold flashes yet I'm constantly freezing no matter what I do. ...
Punkprincess77 | Last answer
Does anyone else get hunger cravings after taking Valium or Xanax? I usually get hungry after I take Valium... And it's usually for sweet foods!! I could sit there and eat a whole cheesecake if I wanted to feeling the benzos. I cou...
googzy | Last answer
Hello, all! After a few years of clean time (getting ready to celebrate year number THREE) I am finally feeling less controlled by the term ADDICT and more like a human with an issue that often needs attention in some form or another....
my_mayberry | Last answer
Can someone help me on this one? We suspect that our daughter might be using cocaine. Every couple weeks (after she's been at her mothers house), she comes back to our house with what appears to be cold symptoms...i.e. swollen neck gla...
blueeyes1961 | Last answer
my crazy roommate is self harming by drinking car foam air filter oil! he showed me the spray can then went into his room closing the door. i heard him talking to one of his friends saying he is high and dizzy. what should i do??
geo1992 | Last answer
hey there, looking for some advice from other users which would really help. Been a user of cocaine for a few years but never abused it to much until the last couple of months, its now almost become a weekly pattern with the weekend off ...
Ham12 | Last answer
I was just wondering if anyone out there has or knows someone who has experienced the Waismann Method??? Im wondering about its success rates, I saw somewhere that women after a year supposedly had 65% success rate, but didnt find anyth...
TysonRed | Last comment
I was on opiates (hydrocodone) for four year for pain. In the end I was taking up to six 5/325 mg. pills a day. The issue causing the pain was corrected and my Dr. switched me from hydrocodone to Subutex (buprenorphin) 2 mg twice daily, ...
AO111 | Last answer
I have been taking hydrocodone for over 2 years now, anywhere from 4-8 750's a day. I have quit taking them (or tried) several times. Most of the time I did not make it past the 2-3 day mark, and the time that I did, despite all I had g...
Advitam44 | Last answer
I haven't posted on here for a while because i got tired of being so negative and I didn't want anyone to have problems with their recovery because of my rants. Its 110 days since no loperamide. Of course the usual thoughts come in to my...
chaddavis333 | Last answer
I want to thank the MH community for helping me reach 34 days clean of narcos. I've never posted but I read everything. I used for 7 years and got up to 5 a day. I only used because they gave me this insatiable energy I've never experien...
Lifeaholic | Last answer
Iv come off long term ADs, opiates (dihydrocodeine addiction), I'm self harming now I am depressed, I feel so low but also such anger deep within, I guess I used to self medicate. my mums forcing me to see three psychiatrists/therapists ...
lola200677 | Last answer
Hi I am not sure that I am posting in the right place but thought I would try here first. I ruptured a disc in my back in early July. I was in so much pain that I started to use my normal .50 mg a day of Xanax 4 times a day. As the pa...
Dee1956 | Last answer
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