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Codeine-addiction (nurofen,cuprofen plus), I am desperate?
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Codeine-addiction (nurofen,cuprofen plus), I am desperate?

Dear all,

I am all new to this side and this is my first attempt of getting help with this subject.

I am German and study in my 2nd year at university here in scotland.
I started to use nurofen plus about a year ago after my flatmate got prescribed painkillers with 30 mg codeine in them and gave me some of them to try. I felt immidiately this calm euphory wash over me and for I wyas always a restlesss person  feels out of place all the time it was like this drug was made for me. I started taking it before classes or labs at first but soon felt myself craving the pills when I just woke up.
When my flatmate did not get the prescriptions anymore, I did some research and found out that there is OTC medication containing a low dose of codeine(in my country you get nothing with codeine OTC and doctors are also much more careful prescribing it). Therefore I took all my courage and went to buy a pack of nurofen plus,I even invented a whole story about a thumb-surgery and put on a fake dressing on in case anyone would ask. I did not yet know that in Great Britain this is just like buying chewing gum.
In the beginning the box would last me a week or so, taking it three or four times a week, about twelve pills.
I even took them home to Germany to my sisters wedding and when I ran out of pills I could hardly bear the time until Im back in the UK.
I was soon up to taking a box daily and feeling very bad, stopped eating, throw up at night and drinking heavily because the stomach pain would kick in in the night.
I went up to two packs a day until the end of year one and decided to go back home for the whole summer(I wanted to work here but I could see I would just spent the summer going round pharmacies and losing all my money)

So I thought my problems are solved, back in Germany I would not get the pills.Ha!
After a few days in Germany I was desperate, all I could think of was where to get a fix.
I even considered flying back but what would I have told my parents. My father moved out shortly after I came home for the summer leaving my mum and me alone which did not really help.
I live in Berlin and started to make trips to Poland where you can get medicine with codeine like here and usually some other herbal medicine in it. I would go once a week bringing back a bag full of packs of pills.
My mum is a doctor and I soon found a way of stealing prescriptions off her and prescribed myself pure codeine tablets. I would once weekly pick a certain are in the city and go through all the pharmacies(Berlin is a huge city and I would never have to go to a pharmacy a second time)
Finally a pharmacist caught me because it was a chain and he detected I had gotten the medicine in both of his pharmacies within like ten minutes. He threatened to call the police and everything if he would not get hold of my mother. So I had to confess to her. She already knew about the nurofen plus addiction because when I came back home I was physically in a very bad state, anaemic and not eating, pale , had to take iron tablets.
I went to hospital to detox but after one week could not bare it anymore and got drunk one night, after that I was kicked out and started getting the pills again. I told my mother I didnt take them until I got caught again and the pharmacist called my mother. A lot of trouble later I am now back in the UK after a good two weeks codeine-free in Germany but of course everything started again here.
I have no plan how to address this problem and I have basically noone to talk about it. I have no energy to go out or take part in social acitivities anymore, it's even hard to get myself having regular showers.
I am at a point where I know if I don't stop I will lose everything, I am sitting in lectures underprepared and only thinking about where I get the next dose from.
That's why I will stop tomorrow no matter how miserable this will make my life for I just don't have a choice.
I just feel if I have noone to talk to I will just go crazy and lose all my motivation.
What can I do to get in touch with people who have suffered the same? I just feel so weak right now...
Regards to all of you
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Hi and welcome to the forum.  You will find a lot of support here as we have all been in your shoes.  You dont have to be a prisoner to those pills anymore.  It is hard work but very worth it.  Using is just a symptom of what is going on with you.  Have you given any thought to a therapist or NA/AA?  Keep talking with us~~sara
You are not alone. I too just joined this site and found the people on here are wonderful. Though my addicion is not as yours my is hydro codone, it is an addition. I annitially took them for a migraine but like you found the relieved my stress and gave ma a boost of energy that made me feel like I could do more throuout the day. I found by taken them the migraines were gone, due to the fact I was less stressed. I have just come to the point that after taking them over a year I am tired of taking them. I am not brave enought to stop cold turkey so I am tapering down I take 2-4 daily and set my limit to 3 and 1/2 today. Reardless of what u choose the people on here are sooper supportive and encouraging. So add me as a friend if you would like I would love to talk with you and we can overcome our addictions together for I have no suppoet from anyone other that these people one this site.  Good lock and add me my new friend, I hope lol
I am happy I got some replies, thank you. As for the moment I am just alone and I am shaking with fear. I don't know how I will cope with this, I really don't.
I cannot go to sleep or do anything I know I just have to function and that's what I tell myself. I do this for my mum, my sister...I don't really know myself anymore.
Therapy, yes I could consider but I don't see the point right now....I  could not open up to someone right now I think.....
Well I hope I see the sense of all this soon I just want to get a life,literally.
I really,really don't know what to do anymore....this whole life doesn't seem right.
Hey there!  You have us to talk to.  Can you still talk to your mum?  She might be more understanding with the info coming from you, maybe?  I know the fear you feel and lack of energy, but it doesn't stay forever.  Just do the next right thing.  Live by that, and you can't go wrong!  Are there any support groups around you?  That would be helpful to talk to people who share a common goal......staying clean and sober!!!
This is the exact same time that you need to talk to a therapist.  They are pretty good at helping you be comfortable and be able to talk.  I hope you will see that soon.  You are so young and do have so much to live for. Right now you are dealing with a symptom of the problem.  The larger picture will become evident if you can be truthful to your family and to a therapist.  If the first therapist does not work, find another.  It took me a few times to find the right one and it really did help.  I really care and hope that you can take that step.  There are NA/AA groups that might be helpful.  But until then come here and let us help.
Haven't been on here for a while for at the moment I dont really know what's going on. The last two days I took no pills and feel like I a have to give orders to myself just to keep functioning. Got up early today to go for a walk and then do my stuff for uni, have bad dhiaerhea(sorry hows that spelled?) and cannot get my mind around things. I am so scared I will be behind with my work but it was just the pills that have numbed this fear and let me get slack. I am still drinking my four pints a night that put me to sleep and this might seem like a weak compromise but this is the only two hours I can feel normal at night.
How did you manage to get off your addiction, just going cold turkey, with or without help? I am glad to know I am not the only person who doesnt have someone to talk to angellina.
hey mookie, i am also addicted to codiene, but i have been clean for 22 days now, it can be done!!!!! the withdrawels from this last about 2-4 days, after that you should be feeling physically better.

it is scary, but trust me you can get off these tablets!!! for me the most important thing has been counselling, if you can talk to your gp that would be great, trust me i was terrified of telling them, but once i did the relief was fantastic, they where so helpful and understanding.

You can do this!! pm me anytime

mousey xo
Today while doing the usual Chemist shop around, a Pharmacist was a little suspicious for the fact I bought the same N+ 4 weeks previously. She said “I just need to check the back computer” That has never happened to me before and before I knew it she had bought up on screen all the Chemist’s I had recently visited in the area and confronted me. (Here in NZ I didn’t think Chemist’s Data Shared but I must be wrong).

I denied it obviously and said I would be making a complaint to the Pharmacy Council about this because I, in no way do I shop around for N+!! I said to her. She quietly said sorry and turned me away. I am now blacklisted to all Chemists’ in my region.

For some reason I was really relieved inside. I have had this addiction for 7 years but only in the last year have I been consuming 30+ pills a day. I have sought out treatment but I am currently on a 3 month waiting list. I guess by the time the waiting list is up, I would have been forced to stop CT.

I’ve tried previously 2 times to stop CT and only ever made it to 48hours. The restless leg part of withdrawals really gets to me the worse. I know what is ahead of me and of course I’m fearful and I’m not sure how I’m meant to handle Xmas and the family, because I get VERY ANGRY when I withdrawal and it’s not fair for anyone.

I’m glad I found this board and reading everyone’s story makes me feel a little better inside.
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