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Here I go again....
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Here I go again....

I last posted almost a year ago when I was having a horrible time w/ding from fiorinal with codeiene.

Since then I have been taking Norco for my neck and back pain and well, guess I am takkng way too much since I just went through a 30 day supply in one week.

I have 30 pillsleft to refill but pharmace won't do it.

I feel like a lost puppy dog, restless, jittery, scared....not all emotional like when i w/d from fiorinal.

I am not sure if I relly want to stop my pill popping, yet i know i should since my life before all of this was better than it is now.  I had motivation, could love others, and didn't just live say to day.

I have pills for the nausea from a recent flu, and anitanxiety(ativan)

should i just suffer this out? how long will this last? today is really day 2 except a took a little bit of my daughter's cold medicine.

My body hurts(mostly my back), i am going to start my monthly "you know what" and i don't think i can do this.

I know that at 12 today i can get my script of fiorinal that had been waiting and use that to get off this????

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Just stop now!! Like you know you should. Life was better before!! Just keep reminding yourself of that!!! You can do this and everyone here will support you and encourage you along the way!! Best of luck to you!
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Ok. Why would you use fiorinal when a year ago you were having a horrible time in wds. If you are a addict, like me. You will pick up the fiorinal today at 12 if you don't call now and get honest with the Dr. If you want to get clean,  you would have to cancel all your available pain meds.
That being said, If you want to get clean I and many others will be on here to help you. YOU CAN do this. You know life is better without painkillers. I built up withdrawals in my mind so huge that I couldn't face them for years. But when I did. I laughed at them on the 3rd day and said to the wd monster "Is this all you got!!"  It's great to be free. Is ativan like klonipin (klonopin) or valium? If it is I would only take it for the first 3 days.  I took valium 5mgs every 8 hours for anxiety, panic, fear etc. then ambien for 3-5 days for sleep. But used after 2 weeks and went ct the second time.  Did you read the health pages to the rught?
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You are so right! I did use Fiorinal today(hate the  way if makes me feel now) but at least I now feel more normal.

yes, Ativan is in the same class of drugs a klonopin and valium. just not as strong.

I think I will just stick to that.

I tossed all of the fiorinal i just picked up since it feels like I was replacing one drug with another.

How did I get here???
I suffered horrible migraines after my sister dies 5 years ago, and the doc then put me on Mthadone.   But even than, i took every pill as I go through a 30 day in 2 weeks???
what an idiot.

And suffice to say, I will probably never take an opiate again unless I had a leg cut off.

Thank you for your support.

How long have you been clean?
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