Living with someone with Soma and Norco addiction.
by Erika C, Dec 03, 2006
I live with someone who has a Norco and Soma addiction - 14 Norco per day appear to have no affect, but over the last 8 months she is stoned on Soma every day. She takes 6 to 8 Soma at a time and falls, shuffles, can't speak and now is having black-outs from it. She won't admit that she is taking this much, but she's become non-functional. She has had two neck surgeries and some other medical issues so she has some pain and doctor shops to keep herself in plenty of stock. I know it is crazy for me to keep trying to get her to admit it, stop, etc., but I keep on trying. She is financially reliant on me, but I don't want to threaten her anymore, it doesn't work. Does anyone else out there have similar experiences and, if so, how did you learn to cope. I've tried detaching myself and just not talking to her when she is like this, but then she insists on talking to me until I just want to scream (and sometimes do). I hate this and don't know how to get out. I feel insane. Any help with coping skills would be greatly appreciated since I know I can't control what she does. Thank you.
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by trixie1111, Dec 05, 2006
contact her doctor.. have him cut her script down.
dont let her know you called tho. That would be where I would start.
by spouseofaddict, Dec 14, 2006
My wife is addicted to hydrocodone, soma, tramadol and ambien.  She grew up in a family that used and understood Rx.  She knows all the different kinds of antibiotics etc.  has the PDR etc.  My family kept no medicine in the medicine cabinet.  We just had bandaids, mercuricom (sp), asprin and vicks.  I dont know anything about Rx, I just take what my doctor gives me.
She has been taking the above pills for 3 years and I have known.  She supposedly quit with the help of a therapist.  She started back about a year ago and I have know it.  She actually probably really never quit.

I just confronted her and she is quitting.  I didn't ask if she is going cold turkey or tapering off.  

What do I need to do for her?

So far
I have told her I will help however she wants.

I will pay for counselling.

I have not told her but I have told myself I will not criticize her about her addiction although it is hard not to want to talk about the $50 - 75,000 she has spent and the fact that we are selling our dream home because of her addiction.  (I'm not mentioning this to her, but it feels good to say it)

I have ordered a drug test and told her in 60- 90 days if she test positive I will tell her mom and her doctor.

I have taken over all household duties that require money.  She now has no credit card and I will buy all groceries and put gas in her car when it is running low.  I cannot give her any money or she will buy drugs.

She is from a very pill oriented family.  Even when there arent addiction issues she is always taking something.  Tylenol, benadryl, imodium, advil, sneezy, coughy, stomach, acid reflux, diareah, constipation, whatever.  The way I grew up was just the opposite.  I think besides the obvious adiction to the hydrocodone, tramadol, soma, ambien she has some sort of general pill addiction.  I am thinking about locking up the bare necessities advil, imodium, benadryl.  I will give them when needed and other wise if I see any pill of any sort I am throwing it away.  Is this harsh?

Is there a forum like this one aimed at the spouse/family of addicts.

Can she do it on her own?
SHould I insist on counselling?  If so, do I make the appointment and physically take her there? She says she has tried to call but cant get through.
What is she going through physically?
How long

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Sorry this is so long.  Obviously this is a first post.
Thank you
by spouseofaddict, Dec 14, 2006
Thanks jmille
She went to counselling for a short time last time.
Are you saying she needs counselling or detox?
If so, do I wait for her to sched or do I make appt and physically take her?
by spouseofaddict, Dec 15, 2006
Thanks for your posts.
I am following your advice and contacting detox in my area.
My wife has admitted her problem and is trying to quit.  I just dont know enuf about the subject and even if I did I dont know what her plan is.  I dont know if she is at the I know I have a problem and need to quit stage, or if she is weening or if she is trying to quit ct.  

I just want to do what ever it is she needs.
I dont know if I need to take the kids away for a week to give her time to deal w/ wd, or schedule counselling etc.
I have a friend who has a spouse w a drug problem.
I think I will talk to them.
Part of what I need is to deal w my issues.

I know this forum is mostly for people w a substance problem and not for the family of those people.
To help my wife I am keeping my feelings about the issue to myself.  I think one day it will be good to discuss them, but she doesn't need that right now on top of trying to quit.

I am going to follow your advice, learn more, contact detox, therapist, talk about my feelings w/ my friend in a similar situation, offer my support to my wife and hope it all works out.

I have tried to find a forum like this one aimed more at the spouses/family of addicts but it is hard to find.

I know my post are long.  Its therapeutic to get it out and I have no one to turn to.  THanks for listening. THanks for the advice.

Good luck to you.